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SOLD: FS: 8 x Floor Spikes + Inserts.

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Item: 8 x Floor Spikes + Inserts, the type used by VAF.
Location: Darwin, N.T.
Price: $36
Item Condition: Brand New
Reason for selling: I ordered two sets of eight, thinking it was two sets of four. Idiot.
Payment Method: PayPal – Free delivery.
Extra Info: These were ordered from VAF for my DC-Xs. I just rang up and said I needed two sets, assuming they were sold per speaker. I guess I should have clarified... They cost $36 per set (of eight) plus $15 postage from VAF; I am selling these for $36 plus free postage. The inserts simply screw in with an 8 mm allen key, then the spike screws in.


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