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* Item full name and model etc. FS NAD Masters series M51 DAC
* Location North Fitzroy Vic,
* Item condition description : Approximately  6 weeks  old, in near new condition. just run in

* Price and price conditions  $1300
* Reason for selling: Need funds for another project.
* Payment Methods: Pick up -Cash , COD, can organise direct debit
*Extra Info: A superb  DAC with a clear holographic sound. In my system, has lived up to  its  reputation. Also owned Metrum Octave. Prefer the nad, similar detail and transparency  but  smoother with more bass.

* Pictures: on request

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 Edit:- Offending post removed , so no need for mine either. Good luck with the sale :thumb:

Edited by Luc
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Yes, I've edited it for him. Thanks, Luc, you are quite right. 


Everybody, please read the "white anting" sticky at the top of the "for sale" thread. Offers in the thread run the risk of being perceived to be white-anting.


Good luck with the sale, Ian.

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