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FS: KEF Reference201/2

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Item: KEF Reference 201/2 in walnut lacquer,

Location: Sydney

Price: 50% of RRP,

Item condition: as new, no scratches, no dents, rate 9.5/10,

Reason for selling: get fund to upgrade CD player,

Payment method: prefer pick up-cash, bank transfer,

Extra info: I bought it 2 years ago from local Audio Shop in Western Sydney, it had remained in the same spot for 1 year, then it has been stored in garage for another year while we build our house, currently it's in garage.

There are so many reviews & discussions on the Net, so please do research & you'll be happy,

Pictures: sorry, I don't know how to attach photos from iPhone & iPad, if interested, I'll send photos via MMS or email, thanks

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Great speakers Eve2009. Was looking for a pair 4/5months back but cheapest was 5.5k. Ended up with r300s'. I guess the timing just wasn't right ..... as usual.

Heard these at Just Klapp with Mcintosh pre/power amps.  Best combo standmount I've ever heard but extremely expensive back then.   So musical and and beautifully balanced but they demand high quality amplification. Do you have pics?




cheers Frank.

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Hi everyone,

Bad news for me, we got them out of the boxes, set-up & got ready for audition, unfortunately my 4 yo daughter pushed the left speaker over & damaged the midrange, so I have no choice but postpone the sale, sorry for any inconvenience,



PS: we are thinking to sale our main speakers in the home theatre instead of the Damaged KEF,

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