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SOLD: F.S. Shunyata KING COBRA VX V1 `i` 6ft. Shunyatas very best chord for digital! VERY RARE!!

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Item: Shunyata KING COBRA VX V1 `i` 15A or 20A 6ft
Location: Adelaide
Price: $2100
Item Condition: used
Reason for selling: initially only keeping as a spare but now  only ever foresee myself ever using 2 out of the 3 I own.
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal

Up for sale is my Shunyata King Cobra VX V1 `i` power cord.

I am proud to offer this rare beauty to another fellow Australian audiophile.

Very very rare sale!


15 or 20amp available. US plugs.
VX cables are designed around Shunyata Research’s patented ZrCa-2000 noise reduction compound.
More info on the VX here
Unfortunately VX cables are no longer produced by Shunyata due to the compound not being available anymore.

I have never seen one of these KC `i` on the used market yet. Even a non `i` for that matter.
People never sell them, and for good reason.
The KC VX V1 were constructed by Shunyata until 2011 when the special conductor they use on this cord was no longer available.
Only a very limited production through 2011 at the request of a third party I believe .

I purchased these chords brand new late 2011 from Stewart Marcantoni at a Sanctuary Of Sound in WA just before they ran out.

This is the latest genuine KC VX cord with black label and silver wording and clearly states "i"

Shunyata `i` chord is a clear improvement over the non `i`

This cord best every other cord I ever heard on digital. Period! Take your digital source to a whole new level.

Even on analogue they are great. Depending on component though.
I believe this could be the ultimate cord for virtually any digital source.
Much better than CX and better than Tron.


Lowest noise floor ever. Allows components full dynamics. Full inner detail, nuance retrieval , harmonics....  amazing resolution whilst being the smoothest cable I have ever heard! Precise imaging and big deep sound stage. And more. Simply more musical... more live!

Highs midrange bass?? Just a whole new level top to bottom!

Do not really need this spare KC cord, I have three. But I am obviously still reluctant to sell one as they are one of the hardest cords to find.
Currently I use one for computer transport and one for DAC.
I will never use any other cord for digital source.
I own other cords such as expensive Elrod  `Gold` Statement(6K) for amps and filter and have owned many other high end expensive cords to compare.
Nothing really comes close to this KC V1 VX `i` on digital source not even the Elrod or highly regarded others such as Kubala elation or Isoclean supreme etc. Many have been through my system.


I can offer a 20amp or 15amp. It does not matter to me if I sell a 15 or 20 due to having a genuine Shunyata 20-15amp adapter(worth $200) which does not degrade sound at all.
I am only selling one cord but can take pics of all three together if buyer is interested

Comes in original box and I have the 6ft chord plastic wrap as well.

I am only selling one chord but can take pics of all my KC `i`  if buyer requests to see all three together.
Almost as new condition.

Pics on the way.







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IDK  if anyone knows this cord then they know it is well worth it especially in a high res system. PC`s are even more important than IC`s from my experience. This is where it all starts. I have easily over 30K(used market value) of PC`s in my system atm including two of these exact `i` KC`s.

Actually I sold a non `i` KC VX V1 on Audiogon to a Aussie(hence trying on here this time)  just the other week on the first day for my asking price of $1450.

So I`m not too worried. I would not be too fussed to keep this cord anyway. This is not a sale because I have found something better at all  like most sales!

Thanks for the support though boys....  oh and the spelling lesson of course,Clyde, haha

I kind of feel obliged now to edit my add......

OK proper spelling coming up.

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Yea, CP,  they were not cheap.
 I was told by Stewart Marcantoni (a sanctuary of sound) that a large crate of these `i` cables were shipped to him exclusively in 2011 by Caelin Gabrie and they sold like hot cakes. I was also informed by Stewart that he sold multiple lots of this exact cable to audiophiles fitting their whole entire system. Never seen one sold used since. This is the first one I know of.
Personally I prefer Elrod Diamond and Gold on amps and conditioner but nothing I have ever heard comes close to this cord on digital.
FWIW  Here`s a  guy who surely appreciates the Elrod Diamond PC`s(13K each) and other Elrod cables.

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