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SOLD: For Sale: Music Surroundings Nova Phonomena Phono Pre Amp

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Item: Musical Surroundings Nova Phonomena phono pre amp

Location: Brisbane

Price: $500.00

Item Condition: Excellent

Reason for selling: Trying tube phono pre again

Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only

Extra Info:

I've recently acquired a tubed phono pre that I am really enjoying so am selling this excellent phono pre.

This phono pre is a very quiet pre, that when fully charged allows it to run itself on it's internal battery. Be aware though that mains power needs to be connected at all times for the pre to operate. Green light on front panel is lit when unit is running off the battery, and it emits a red flashing light when unit is charging, and a constant red light when fully charged. Switching between using mains and battery is simply done by placing finger in front of sensor.

To be honest, I have never been able to hear a difference in sound quality when unit is using battery versus mains. But apparently the manufacturers state that it sounds better on battery, thought I'd put that out there.

There are countless adjustments that can be made for gain and input loading, and this pre can cater for just about any cartridge ever made. I've enjoyed using it with a variety of cartridges over the last couple of years, it is very quiet and fuss free........ and the manual is included.

Cosmetically it is excellent, has a small scratch to the right of the front sensor, but this is only noticed up close. The unit comes with an adapter as the power lead has a UK plug.

Plenty of info on the big wide web.






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