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FS: TAG Mclaren DAC20 Dac

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TAG Mclaren DAC20 Dac for sale.


I bought this brand new in the UK in 2002. They were about UKP1200, and highly regarded - some reviews at bottom of post. Rarely come up for sale now.


HDCD® compatible with automatic switching
24 bit data processing
Single bit digital to analogue converter with 20 bit resolution and 192 times oversampling
Ultra linear, low-noise, low-distortion single-bit conversion
‘Straight Line Technology’ links the digital to analogue converter to the audio output
Very low noise master clock synchronises with the digital data input to minimise jitter
Automatic sampling frequency selection
Automatic de-emphasis
Microprocessor control
Automatic and manual muting
Immunity to electromagnetic interference enhanced by double layer, epoxy glass printed circuit board technology
Linear phase output filters with high-quality, high-stability active and passive components
Three coaxial SPDIF inputs with phono and BNC sockets
AES/EBU balanced input with XLR socket
Three optical EIAJ inputs
Two low-impedance analogue stereo outputs to allow long cable runs
Coaxial SPDIF digital output with precisely retimed signal for high-quality digital recording
Sorbothane® sonic isolation feet, specially designed by TAG McLaren Audio


Complete, boxed and unmarked as new (except for the power lead plug which has been changed from UK to Australian! Original CD case instruction booklet.


Instructions and specs to be found here:




* Location: Melbourne (Blackburn South). Much prefer local pickup but will post at cost if no local interest.

* Item condition description: Used but appearance as new. Fully working.

* Price and price conditions:  $500.


* Reason for selling: Reducing the number of boxes (will have a few more bits and pieces to follow!).


* Payment Methods: Cash – Pickup.


Some Photos:









Some reviews:


"Conclusion: Stereo's test results have been fully confirmed during our workshop. In the end it was a clear 4-0 in favour of TAG McLaren Audio, which destroys all the rumours that they are simply 'old wine in new bottles'."

Stereo - Aug 99

"For: Superb build quality with a crisp and weighty sound to match.

Against: Nothing of any significance."

What Hi-Fi? - Feb 99

"The TMA two-box delivers even greater levels of detail, it does so in a richer more gutsy fashion that has positive benefits when it comes to the musicality of the whole shebang."

What Hi-Fi? - Feb 99

"In a high-resolution system the CDT20R/DAC20 can get you into the heart of the orchestra, or let you hear the tiniest touch of finger on string or tap of stick on cymbal, in a way few players at any price can match."

What Hi-Fi? - Feb 99

"The result when used with a transport CDT20R, is a player capable of high levels of involvement when playing standard CDs, and some real magic when the HDCD lamp flicks on."

What Hi-Fi? - Feb 99

"Compared to the old Audiolab, the TAG McLaren Audio CDT20R/DAC20 is in the fast lane. Beautiful, how dynamic and full of detail, it redraws the flow of the music. Impulses are passed over with the right punch and - when required - like an explosion. Reference Class."

Audio - Nov 98

"The result of all this professional refinement has a right to be looked at, listened to and touched... Instead of imprecise plastic buttons, the always ergonomically, well-designed front facia now has smooth metal buttons to please the user, the lid is now really accurately fitted and is sonically dead when knocked on, the display is much more elegant and sits behind a scratch proof window, and the complete unit sits majestically on resonance-absorbing Sorbothane feet."

Audio - Nov 98

"The TAG units' forte was showcasing the drive and power of music. Representing the cream of the TAG source components, this pairing is a worthy revision for the UK hi-fi scene."

Hi-Fi News & Record Review - Nov 98

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I think TAG took over Audiolab and redesigned/rebranded most of their gear. Audiolab 8000 DAC didn't have HDCD, so definitely different circuitry.

May well have been same factory, but not the same as the new Audiolab, which comes out of China I think?

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