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Denon DN-A7100 Installer HT preamp - opinions?

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HWell I came accross a Denon DN-A7100 7.1ch preamplifier and bit the bullet and bought it. 

I know it is older technology, no dolby true hd, and dts hd decoding...

BUT it has 8 XLR preamplifier outputs which is what I was chasing due to using only balanced input power amplifiers in my system!


Has anyone here personally used this preamp? I have read on other forums if it has the original firmware it will need to be updated to fix some of the issues with crossover points and so forth.


I am yet to install it in my audio rack, just sitting there on my table pleading I put him to good use. The other thing I noticed was the balanced inputs on the rear of the unit. 

Do you use balanced inputs on your system at all?


Thanks everyone.





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