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SVS PB12-NSD vs DYI sub


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Hey Guys,

I have been looking for a subwoofer for my room which measures 5m long x 4m wide x 2.56m high I think I have settled on a subwoofer that fits my budget and that's the SVS PB12-NSD for $1k.

This sub is actually suited for a large room and my little 1800 ft3 room will be filled quite well with this little sub which is rated down to 20hz (lower given the room acoustics)

It got me thinking what might I be able to do in the realms of DIY.

Size is not an issue, the goal I guess would be find the best possible bang for buck. Quality and experience(hear clearly and feel the bass) is the primary goal.

So I have two questions if anyone can assist :)

Could I build something of equal calibre for a lot less?

What could I build for 1k and what would it be the eqiv. Commercial product?

Thanks guys

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I have the SB12- NSD at $850.  My listening room is basically 3mt x 3mt into a 6mt x 4mt,    The Sub is at the 3mt end firing the 9mts length with 3mt ceilings.    Even at 6/10 on the volume control it can shake the room with ease so the PB12 will do more than enough.


I was thinking about a DIY effort but the SVS reviews we too good so I went with the experts.   Glad I did. 


Regards Cazzesman

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