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SOLD: FS: AudioGD Reference 7.1 DAC

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Item:   AudioGD Reference 7.1 DAC

Location:   Sydney Australia

Price:   $1400 plus paypal and shipping

Item condition:   12 months of use but no damage

Reason for selling:   My preference in sound signature  has changed.

Payment method:   PayPal

Extra Info:   Pickup is available.  Thanks for looking, please feel free to message me with any questions.





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Great unit compared to but I preferred my metrum in some ways.


But at this price point it will be hard to find better and you can connect more equipment plus you get more value for your dollar and it wasnt that much better maybe 5%.


So having said that great value and a excellent dac for the buck.

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I have one of these and can vouch for its exceptional dynamics and rock solid imaging.


Drez, I'm curious in what way your preferred sound signature's changed, and which unit you've moved to? (PM me if you don't want your thread hijacked)




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very sorry now sold.  reporting thread for closure.  Thanks all.


These days I use AudioGD's NFB7.32 which has a more agile and clean sound signature, I'm having a bit of a detail fad I think.

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