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Whest PS.30r

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Hi guys,


Awhile back i was asking for advice on upgrades to my vinyl front end and after some research and listening in the $1000 to $1500 price range i had basically settled on the M1 vinl. Mainly because of its flexibility and improvement over my rega fono. The upgrade was put on the backburner because we just had a 7 week family holiday to the UK. Now we are back and getting on top of the credit cards again the upgrade itch has started. Ive decided to jump up to the next price bracket, $2500 will be my limit.  I have a VPI scoutmaster with jmw 10.5i arm which i purchased from Jan from this forum. Im currently running it with a 2m Blue and im fairly happy with the sound but i'm itching to try a MC cart. My rega is MM only so the phono stage will have to be the first upgrade.

My question is, does anyone on the forum have experience with the Whest PS.30r, it seems to get a lot of raves. I also like the flexibility of the settings and having 72 db of gain opens up the option of really low output carts. 

Does anyone have alternatives worth researching in the 2-2.5k price range?



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Not tried a whest.


I use a rega ios, it's MC only. If you could find one second hand, it would be worth a listen.

Recently had a listen to a tom evans microgroove plus. Not quite up to the ios, but bang for buck it sounded great.

And made me think i'd like to have a listen to a tom evans groove plus, but thats a little more than you've budgeted for.

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I have amongst a few others , a Whest PS30R.


I've used it with my Ortofon A-90 , Lyra Argoi , Dynavector 17d3 and Denon 103 PRO.


It is an excellent performer with all of them.


It's designed to be as accurate and neutral as possible though , so if you are looking for something to

add colouration and be musical you may be better served looking for something else.


It's neutral character means it really lets you hear the qualities of whichever cartridge you have

hooked up to it.


I rate it highly.


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Hi colby 1970,there is another method that is well established in making the transistion to moving coil cartridges and that is to employ a step up transformer.There are some excellent models from Denon,Audio Technica etc.that  make the change easy and allow you to use your existing amplifying equipment.Perhaps borrowing a S.U.T. to audition your chosen MC cartridge would be  a better and more economic solution for your planned upgrade.

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I thought about a bobs devices cinemag sut but that my rega fono would be a real weak link. Especially with a better cartridge.
Hi Mark


thanks for your input. I am after a neutral sounding phono stage which is one of the reasons i was heading towards the whest. It would be nice to be able to hear one sometime

Hi Colby

I am the NZ and Australian Distributer

You are on the mark with the Whest .30r

I am in NZ , Auckland CBD and have a purpose built sound room, running the Whest .30RDT SE

if you get a cheap flight to Auckland I could pick you up and take you to the airport

The Whest .30r is a few notches below mine, but you will get the idea. It is not well known down here but it's absolutely world class. I would give you a good price mate




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