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The Road To Oblivion

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Hi all,

Having spent a significant sum 18 months ago on building my home theatre room I've stayed away from sites such as these knowing that no good could come of it from the financial perspective and my currently good standing with SWMBO.

Unfortunately, Xmas holidays and uncommitted time has seen me madly trawling here and DTV Forum after feeling I wasn't totally happy with what I was hearing from my system which currently comprises of the following.

Pioneer LX60 VR

Oppo BDP 83 ( region modified )

Klipsch RF 52 II fronts

Klipsch RF 62 centre

Klipsch Quintets x 4 surrounds

Klipsch SW10 subwoofer

Popcorn hour A210 media player

Topfield STB

OZTS 135 scope screen

Panasonic PT-AE 40000 projector

Peerless PRG projector mount

I wasn't happy with the sound particularly feeling it lacked in the bottom end. Having started out looking at upgrading the sub I know I've started down the slippery slope. After some research and feedback from the guys at DTV forum I'm currently awaiting the arrival from Melb of an Elektra HD 7 power amp which I'm going to hook up to the pre outs on the Pioneer.

Very excited and hope to see it arrive on Mon or Tues. I'll let you know my thoughts once I've had a play. I think however that the sub is still going to be my undoing and am starting to plan ( connive ) already on how to get possibly an SVS PB13 Ultra Or a Seaton Submersive past the bride.

It's all downhill from here, as I reckon then I'll be looking to upgrade the surrounds and fronts going forward, I'm hopeful that the Elektra will be a good starting point though from an amplification perspective but I fear for my wallet going forward. Fortunately I can afford to indulge but SWMBO has different thoughts :)

I'll post some thoughts once the Elektra arrives but I can see the road to oblivion opening up before me. At least I know there are many here and on similar forums who are probably walking the same road with me (lol).

Room itself is approx 6.2m deep and from memory approx 4.5m wide with 2.3m ceilings.

Will keep you posted.



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There is no point having a great room and not having a system to take full advantage of it.


The Elektra is a great start.  I bought one a few years ago and have no intention of replacing it.


Next step will be a couple of big SVS subs, or at least one.  Rythmic (sp) is also a good choice.  Other brands may also be good, these are the two I have heard in recent times.


I don't know anything about Pioneer AVR's, however if you are looking to replace it, look for one that does the full Audyssey trick. Some of these come up from time to time on the second hand marker, as people chase the latest model.


Have fun.

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Pretty much the point I am trying to get across to the bride. When trying to explain what the Elektra will hopefully do for sound quality, detail etc her view was that the current system sounded fine ( sigh...doesn't mean it can't be improved though, right ??? Lol)

The Pioneers utilize MCACC for speaker set up which appears to be similar concept to the Audessey. I'm very happy with it currently but I just know that once this all gets going that sooner or later...

I am looking at the SVS subs currently but will be trying to audition if possible a few others. FS forms here, DTV Forum and E Bay will all get a solid going over during the coming months, weeks, years I'm sure.

It is all about the journey isn't it. Looking forward to sharing mine and everyone else's.

Appreciate your thoughts.



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Yes, it is the Sub-10,

I reckon you're correct, but I haven't gone down the stats hole yet but with only 200w of power I reckon I'm definitely underdone.

I'll wait for the dust to settle on the Elektr before I venture into sub territory but will be definitely doing some research.


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And so it continues,

At a loose end on hold in Melbourne and wandered into Clef. Auditioned some speakers and enquired re the receiver feeding the Elektra.

Given I already have the Elektra it now appears that a Marantz AV 7005 is in my tea leaves.

Already wondering how I'm going to explain the Orpheus Apollos I'm hoping to snap up here and now I'm going to try and sell a pre/pro as well to her (sigh)

Have thrown the Klipsch LCR combo onto fleabay, and hope that may appease her somewhat but this site is no good for my marriage or my bank balance

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Bryce - my commiserations on the WAF and ongoing decisions to be made. Why don't you ask her to come along to an audition with you to hear the difference that good quality speakers can make? Unless she can hear for herself she won't know any better. I had the same with my partner, until I got her to listen to quality gear. (You might want to throw dinner in as an incentive...)


A well known local hi fi dealer here told be that when setting up your system you should identify the type of sound you like most for the music you will listen to, the room size and acoustics they will be placed in, and get the best speakers you can afford. If you have to save up for a while, so be it. Then consider the best amp to drive those speakers to their full potential, and at the same time be mindful of a compatible source. Unfortunately, many people (including myself at various times) have done things back to front, and end up on the 'upgrade-itis' merry-go-round. 


Personally, I think Klipsch are ok for home theatre but that's about it. There are lots of excellent speakers (including Australian made and/or second hand) which might suit your tastes and needs a lot better IMHO.


Good luck,


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Hi G,

I hadn't thought of sweetening the deal with a meal. You're right though, if I involve her in the decision making process I'm more likely to get a better outcome. Only concern is I can't even get her to go into JB or similar to buy discs. My musical taste is rather eclectic but probably leans more towards more middle of the rd these days with some occasional classical thrown in. Im sure if I took along a list that's representative of my musical taste a good dealer could point me in the right direction.

Totally agree with your thoughts re saving and buying exactly what you want and will suit the room. It seems to be a never ending process doesn't it, I bought the Elektra and thought I was done but all it did was highlight the current deficiencies to me. I'm on the merry go round now so it looks like from here it wil be




The Klipsch are great for HT but have to agree I struggle with them for music. I even considered a dedicated 2 ch system for music but while my HT room is quite spacious I think I'd struggle to get that over the line.

I appreciate your thoughts and will keep you posted on the journey.



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