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Dali 505 - Thoughts?

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Picked them up for $150. For the spend the sound isn't too bad...

I've now been bitten by the bug..

Following on from this, an eBay troll has netted a set of Energy C300s for around $300. Has anyone on the forum got some experience with these speakers? Mostly for 2ch duties in a 3.5m x 5m room.

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I'm guessing you're asking about the Dali's.


Their sound is ok-ish at the moment. I did have them connected to a Classe power amp, using my Pioneer AVR as a pre and they sounded pretty good. Not a huge amount of deep bass, but relatively clear mids and highs. The Classe seems to have channel drop out issues at the moment so now I'm running them straight off the AVR and they sound a little lifeless.


I've got an Emotiva XPA-2 on it's way so once I get some decent power onto them I'll report back...

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For anyone who may be interested..


I'm pleasantly surprised that a bit of room placement has changed the sound considerably on the Dali's. I've also since added Chord Silver Screen cables (ebay $120), the Emotiva power amp (reconditioned XPA-2 for $650 USD) and an Emotiva XPR-12 sub ($599 USD on special) to fill out the missing sub 50Hz and the sound is much better.


I think next will be a set of spikes to tighten up the mid-bass a little and I might have a half decent sounding system for 2ch duties. Does anyone have any experience with these - http://soundocity.com/index.html - or know of a similar local product?


I'm thinking the Dali purchase is possibly the best $150 I've spent on sound gear so far - though obviously adding cables/amps/subs that are worth alot more is helping..  :)


Pictures to come.

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Most Dali speakers are very listenable. Nice tweeters that seem to stay composed most of the time. Don't know the 505 but for 150 bucks...you can hardly make a mistake... go find a nice sub to get that subterranian feel...





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