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Item: MK3 Hiface (JKSPDIF)

Location: Melbourne, S.E. suburbs (Chadstone area)

Price: $345 $320 (+ Postage) Includes one RF attentuator and BNC to RCA adapter SOLD

Item Condition: Excellent. (However, I removed the 4 little rubber feet on the bottom, so it would line up with the digital input on my DCX, for a direct connection (eg; no coax cable)

Reason for Selling: Want to get an AP2 so I can use it with my SBT. (Have moved away from jPlay and been enjoying the stability and functionality of SBT, and want to improve the delivery with EDO + AP2

Payment Method: Pickup - Cash. I prefer local pickup, but will ship it interstatae with Aus Post if need be, direct bank transfer.. I could even deliver it myself in Melb (within reason)..

Extra Info: The John Keny MK3 Hiface is a well known USB to Coaxial SPDIF converter.. A good clean transport!

At the the time I purchased it (August 2011), John wasnt shipping them with attenuators,, but I have since sourced my own "mini circuits" attenuators. I am including ONE atentuator with the unit,, you can choose from 6, 10, 20 dB attenuation. Also included is a BNC to RCA female adapter.

Comes with the original Lithium-Iron charger when John used to have it external to the device.. Now I believe the Li-Fe charger is inside the MK3 and you only supply the DC to the charger??

I have never left the charger plugged into the power point,, it was only left on when charging!










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