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modify my minimax dac plus?

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i was wondering if this would be possible, i would like to put this


into the minimax dac plus in place of the usb input allready there, but i dont know if it would be possible or even worth it, i would also need someone who would be able to do this for me as it outside of my capabilities. Thanks

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Well as no one else has an opinion, and it is just that, no it is not worth it. The minimax is a good dac for the money, but not worth trying to implement this device , which may be excellent, or it may be crap, and it may work very well with the minimax or it may be a nightmare implementing it.

The Lampi stuff is ridiculously expensive for the sophistication of the products.

Interesting review in the latest HiFi Critic( no advertising) of the Lampi level 4 dac which put it in perspective of its peers.

For less than 320 euros, the cost of this device , you could build a usb-i2s, 32/384 dac that would be far ahead of just about anything available commercially, but as you say, it does take some diy capability.

Enjoy the minimax, it is a good device for the money.

All of the above is opinion, take it for what it is.

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