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Music (vinyl) shops in Melbourne


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I would like to get some 'local' information on where some of the good 'record' shops are in Melbourne, as I am heading down that way with a friend who is also a big vinyl lover like me.

I am staying near 'Chapel St' which should be very well known to many down that way, so I hope to find some shops around that area (or somewhere not too far).

I have checked out a good shop in 'Brunswick' as well as a smaller shop just off Chapel St, but I have heard that there are quite a few others around.

So if anyone can give me any recommendations, I would be very grateful.

Also (just a footnote), if anyone (that lives around the 'Chapel St' area or not too far) wants to have a GTG, just give me a PM as I hope to be in Melbourne for 3-4 days!

I am driving down to see my daughter perform in her 'circus' (NICA) yearly performance, which goes for 2 weeks, then later she will be performing (with 3 others) in the Melbourne 'fringe festival', doing an act which is a circus-theatre performance called 'Lives I've seen'. (very proud dad)!

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There was a recent thread on this, might do well to find that.

But, in the interim here's some musings.

Not sure where you are near Chapel St but there's a few shops in the vicinity:

Licorice Pie in High St can be very good but their stock seems not to have turned over much of late. I haven't been there for a few weeks though. Well worth a look. (No 6 tram (High St) or 78/79 tram (Chapel St))

Greville Records in Greville St has some fantastic stock at the moment. Take your credit card, you may walk out with a lot of records. (78/79 tram on Chapel St)

Record Paradise is in Chapel St near Carslisle St in StKilda/Balaclava. They usually have some interesting stuff. (78/79 tram on Chapel St or 3 or 69 trams on Carslisle St)

There are a couple of stalls in Chapel St Bazaar on Chapel St up an arcade just north of High st and they can be worth looking at. (78/79 tram on Chapel St)

I think that's it for record shops in the immediate vicinity apart from a couple of DJ shops (Commercial Rd and I think Izett St).

Now, further away:

Vinyl Solution in Cheltenham always has a few records worth looking at (Cheltenham Station on the Frankston Line)

Quality Records in Glenferrie Rd is very good, it's near High St (69 tram on Glenferrie Rd or 6 tram on High St)

Vicious Sloth on High St in Malvern has limited hours, collectable records and they often charge (6 tram on High St)

Round and Round/Toot Records is excellent on Sydney Rd (19 tram)

Goldmine Record in Nicholson St (96 tram)

There are a few I haven't been to for ages so not sure if they are still around:

Architekt in Lygon St just after Brunswick Rd and Muscle Shoal further up Lygon St near Albion St

Further afield there are a few on Smith St Collingwood, Northside Records (don't know the address) and some more up that way.

I'm sure more people will post.

You'll go home poor!


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Hey, I found my old list, can't seem to link the file any more so here it all is, this is as of December 2010 so a bit out of date (Hound Dog's Bop Shop is now gone):

Record Shops

City and Surrounds

Hound Dog’s Bop Shop

313 Victoria St West Melbourne VIC 3003

ph: (03) 9329 5362

Specialised in 40s/50s/60s also has quite a lot of country, bluegrass, a decent blues selection. Well worth checking out. Only open Thurs, Fri and Sat.

Wax Museum

Campbell Arcade (this is the arcade under Flinders St which has underground access to Flinders St station between Swanston and Elizabeth)

Lots of Drum and Bass and the like but a few racks of second hand rock and also a decent soul section

Central Station (not called this any more!)

2 Somerset Pl


More of the new music: I think mainly house, electro-techno and the like. I remember asking for a record once at Wax Museum and they suggested Central Station, the subtleties of these musical styles is not something I’m familiar with. My daughter has bought a few records there.

Missing Link

405 Bourke St (near where McEwans used to be)


Lot’s of new releases and Indie rock, also some older stuff. Very good for Aussie bands. Now includes Collectors’ Corner.


Flinders Lane near Elizabeth St

Limited range of new records, seem a bit pricey.

Heartland Records

61 Peel St (opp Vic Market)

West Melbourne

Been there once, seemed ok.


Bourke St between Swanston and Russell


I kid you not, the JB Bourke St store has a small selection of new records!

Off The Hip

Basement 383 Flinders Lane

Visited this place now – good selection of new and old records, well worth a visit. Enter from Tavistock Place.

Music Jungle

Queen Victoria Market Shed F Shop 3

I’ve seen this place but never thought it had much. The Diggin Melbourne Guide indicates it has rare records so maybe I’ll have to have another look.


Hardware Lane

Apparently they now stock records at Discurio, will have to check it out.


Reload Records

326 Bridge Rd Richmond VIC 3121

Been there once, can’t remember much.

Melbourne Music Exchange

69 Swan St Richmond VIC 3121

ph: (03) 9428 3355

Small selection of second hand records, worth a visit.

Mixed Bag Music

276 Church St Richmond

It was closed when I tried, looks to be DJ records and some second hand.


Licorice Pie Records

249A High St Prahran VIC 3181

ph: (03) 9510 4600

My favourite: they don’t sell CDs J Large range of records from Jazz, through classical rock to classical. New and Used, decent prices, I’m a regular!

Rare Records

Only online at http://www.rarerecords.com.au/home/ now, no longer in their Acland St shop.

Reasonable range, decent prices. Lot’s of memorabilia, signed stuff and the like. They have an online catalogue.

Record Paradise

100 Chapel St StKilda VIC 3182

ph: (03) 9534 9344

New owners, seem to be getting new stock, worth a look.

Greville Records

152 Greville St Prahran VIC 3181

ph: (03) 9510 3012

New and used vinyl, good range. Have been a record buying institution for years.

Mr Vinyl Store

Chapel St Bazaar 217 Chapel St Prahran VIC 3181

ph: (03) 9457 3720

It’s worth having a look through Chapel St Bazaar occasionally.

Dixon’s Recycled

308 Chapel St


ph: (03) 9882 3345

Dixons have quite a lot of stock but a lot of it is 70s and 80s – worth a look, also have a few other stores.

Mainly Jazz

94 StKilda Rd


Never been there as I’m not into Jazz. Often ride past it so I know it is still going.

Pure Pop

221 Barkly St StKilda

Been once, a fair range of new records.

DMC Records

211 Commercial Rd Prahran

Specialises in techno and deep house. I’ve been there but this ain’t my kind of music so I can’t rate it.

As far as I recall there is another shop for DJ style records on Izett St in Prahran. Don’t know the name though.


Dixon’s Recycled

736 Burke Rd Camberwell VIC 3124

ph: (03) 9882 3345

Dixons have quite a lot of stock but a lot of it is 70s and 80s – worth a look, also have a few other stores.


Dixon’s Recycled

414 Brunswick St Fitzroy VIC 3065

ph: (03) 9416 2272

Another Dixons, seems to have decent stock.

The Last Record Store

304 Smith St Collingwood VIC 3066

ph: (03) 9416 2000

Been once seemed OK, worth dropping in.

Goldmine preloved CDs and Records

369 Nicholson St Carlton North VIC 3054

ph: (03) 9347 0882

Reasonable range of second hand, they also new records. Well worth a look.

Northside Records

236 Gertrude St (near Smith St)

Specialises in Soul and Funk


183 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

They carry new stuff from some really great labels (ECM, Telarc, etc.).

Lost and Found

12 Smith St Collingwood

Basically this is a bit like Chapel St Bazaar and has a fair stack of records.

Small Screen

420 Rathdown St Carlton

Never been to this one, I think records are only part of what they sell.

The Searchers

93 Smith St Fitzroy

Fair range of books and records, worth a visit.


Dixon’s Recycled

64 Railway Rd Blackburn


150 Walker St Dandenong

Blackburn seems to have quite a bit of stock, never been to Dandenong

Quality Records

269 Glenferrie Rd Malvern VIC 3144

ph: (03) 9500 9902

Great range of classical, they keep a large stock of new records, probably more than any other shop. I go there regularly. A close second to Licorice Pie.

Vicious Sloth Collectables

1309 High St


Take your credit card! Can be a bit pricey but they do have some amazing stock. Hard to find records are often here but you will pay. Only open Thurs, Fri and Sat. Have an online catalogue.

Essendon Secondhand CDs, records and books

20 Russel St Essendon VIC 3040

ph: (03) 9372 9100

Been once, not a great range but ok.

Vinyl Solution

Shop 5/ 10 Park Rd Cheltenham VIC 3192

ph: (03) 9585 0133

Good shop, quite a lot of stock, new and used. They have an online catalogue.

Arkitekt Records

81 Lygon St

Brunswick East

Been once, seemed a reasonable range, new and used.

Round and Round Records/Toot Records

513 Sydney Rd


Toot and Round and Round have joined forces and are in the one shop in Brunswick where Round and Round was. Decent variety of records well worth a visit.

Radical Records

Shop 3-4 The Hub Arcade


Never been there, no idea!

Record City Collectibles

433 Nepean Hwy


Been once, seemed reasonable. Is in an arcade at the end of the arcade away from Nepean Hwy.

Alley Tunes

In a line of shops going towards Glenferrie Rd from Glenferrie Rly Station

I used to go here when I worked at Swinburne, not bad from memory.

Mussel Shoal

504 Lygon St Brunswick

Lots of fairly cheap records, well worth visiting. Only open 11am to 5pm Wed to Sat

White Rabbit Record Bar

176 Belair St Kensington

Reasonable range of records and you can get a coffee

Music Jungle

746 High St Thornbury

Decent range worth a visit.

Eight Miles High

895 High St Thornbury

OK, worth a visit

222 Retro and Vintage

222 St Georges Rd North Fitzroy

This is a retro shop but has a pile of records, not great condition but pretty cheap

Prepared by DavidSSS

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HUGE thanks Davidsss, invaluable advise for someone not from the city!

You have provided a very extensive list , much appreciated. I really like to have a lot of alternatives so I can get to the ones that are more convenient while I'm down there.

Cheers :)

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So what are the dates SP?

I should be coming down on Friday 21st, and going home on the following Monday 24th.

That's the general plan at the moment. I'm coming with a friend who doesn't want to have too many days off work, so just taking the Fri and Mon should work fairly well for him.

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I may even come down on the Thursday then head back on Sunday?

I have to see my daughters show one night and have a couple of family commitments, it's always a juggle. And my friend who is coming can't have too much time off work.

I would have liked to have a bit more time down there but I am hoping to get down again soon anyway!

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Count me in Joz, would be good to meet Mr Surfpurple and here the little speakers again....

A great wrap up by David, I second his thoughts on most of the record shops.

Greville street records keeps most of us poor, some great vinyl there with plenty of Japanese stuff and plenty of hard to get stuff.

You can always call Vicious Sloth if there is something on line you like, it is a great shop. Vicious Sloth Collectables

Dixon's Brunswick store is quite good, but it seems they have stopped grading their records and jacked up their prices, these rich youngsters buying up OUR vinyl.

Licorice Pie I don't get to much but when I do I always seem to leave without my money.

Vinyl solution has a good selection.

Quality records stocks mostly new and you can browse on line. Quality Records

Round and round packs plenty of vinyl in, some very poor quality, in saying that I did pick up some nice Blues offerings last week.

The Searchers has increased his vinyl stock, put his prices up, the quality leaves a bit to be desired though.

I think Melbourne Music Exchange is now closed. As is the last record store.



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Thanks Dirty, I think I may have stumbled upon that store in Brunswick last year and agree, the prices were up there! I mean, I would definately have made a few purchases if they had reasonable prices BUT if they want to keep most of their records on their shelves gathering dust, then so be it!

joz, my plans keep getting altered every day (as my friend has to line up what he has to do as well) so at this stage we 'could' be coming down Friday, but then I will have to go to my daughters show that night, and we could stay till Monday OR Tuesday! It's all a juggle. That's what you get when you have to compromise between family, mates, and birthdays, all in a 4 day trip (including 2 days of travel)!

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No probs,

No pressure, if it works out the offer is open.

If it is yes, I think we may have to let some of the other SNA sluts know so they can come along.

So I'd be interested in hearing from them too incase its a goer.

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Hey, I found my old list, can't seem to link the file any more so here it all is, this is as of December 2010 so a bit out of date (Hound Dog's Bop Shop is now gone):

Record Shops



Flinders Lane near Elizabeth St

Limited range of new records, seem a bit pricey.

Greville Records

152 Greville St Prahran VIC 3181

ph: (03) 9510 3012

New and used vinyl, good range. Have been a record buying institution for years.

Prepared by DavidSSS

Polyester aren't the cheapest but do have a very good range of new releases, especially alternative, electronic/dance and punk.

Greville will really put me into some financial stress if Warwick Brown continues his policy of buying large collections of excellent quality vinyl from the US. Although most discs sell for $20, many are first or early pressings and unplayed or barely played.

JB Hi Fi in Chapel Street has also started selling new releases. They only have 1 box of LPs but worth a visit even if it's just to encourage them to get more.

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