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An app for streaming toons from local network to tablet?

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I was sitting on me arse last night, with me Nexus tablet and running the Squeezebox app to stop the Squeezebox in the other room from playing some toons. Then it occurred to me: I've got a bunch of FLACs on me network, and a server that can search the toons and deliver them over that network, and a nice app for selecting those toons, so why can't I stream toons to me tablet? Why can't I select the device as the target instead of me Squeezeboxen?

Maybe the Squeezebox app can't do this, but in general how can I stream FLACs on me network to me device?


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There is a term for it... wtf is it.... Renderer

Google that. You can get Foobar to play your tunes on your ipod touch by using the media server function and turning the program into a renderer

Ive tried and failed, nothing on my network works unless its hard wired

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