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Help determining tonearms


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I recently bought a Rega Planar 3 and with it came a handful of tonearms and I am trying to determine what they are. There are two left that I am unsure about and am wondering if anyone here can help? Are they decent quality?


Tonearm #1:

post-132515-0-30628200-1343046855_thumb. post-132515-0-20333900-1343046887_thumb.

Tonearm #2:

post-132515-0-55698500-1343046920_thumb. post-132515-0-39087600-1343046952_thumb. post-132515-0-83438900-1343046983_thumb.

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The first is a Technics (I think?) off one of their hi end tables?, and I'm not sure on the second...but I like it :)

Hmm...I'm not sure on he first one, maybe I just saw one on a SP10 or something...

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