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Speaker wall mounts - what to buy?

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I'm after a pair of decent speaker wall mounts / brackets. The speakers are 4kg with 150mm x 150mm footprint. I'll use an adapter plate that screws onto existing base threads (originally used for spikes when they lived on a shelf) to fix the speakers to the mounting plate of the bracket.

Any suggestions what manufacturer / type to buy?

Thanks a lot: Sven

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I got something similar to these from Jaycar.

Mine didn't handle this much weight though and seem to be superceded.


edit - I've used these for LCD's..........they'd work for speakers OK.


Closer fit.........


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Guest Peter the Greek

I personally dont like the look of speakers sitting on/in a bracket. If it were me, I'd find a bracket that can screw into the back of the speaker so it "floats" off the wall - Selby seem to have a few that do this.

You know that unless the speaker is designed for wall mounting that you'll need to eq it a little as the wall acts as a baffle which will boost bass

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That's why I linked the LCD mounts........I have used this close fit one.

Still swivels and tilts..............the ones I have are black.


The arm can bring them out from the wall though.


Maybe a ceiling mount might be better?


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