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Proac D40R First Impressions

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Had a listen to a pair of Proac D40R's last weekend at a mates place.

Just a brief run down on the components. An Audio Aero Capitol Reference CD player, Herron VTSP-3A tube preamp, Audio Research tube power amp of which I forgot the model number.

His room was very nicely done and about 6m x 8m. Plenty of room to let the speakers breathe and strut their stuff.

We only played a few select tracks from Angus and Julia Stone's Memory of an Old Friend Compilation album plus a selection of music he listened to that I was unfamiliar with. Some foreign vocal and a few classical pieces.

The D40R's are beautifully finished and fare bit smaller than its predecessor the D38R. I loved the ebony look on his pair.

I found the sound totally engaging and filled the large room effortlessly. No mistake it has the Proac sound of superb imaging and a sweet treble. Midrange was very clear but perhaps not as transparent as my YG Carmels. I really liked the very deep controlled bass where you can clearly hear what's going on down there. Cheaper speakers just do not have the definition in the lowest octaves I have found. None I have heard anyway.

I thought the treble nice and airy and not at all harsh that some ribbon designs exhibit. Great upper extension too.

Overall a very well balanced sound that commands a price tag of around $13K and rightly so.

Below are some grainy iPhone 4S shots...


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Thanks for your impressions vmhf,

I heard similar praise from my brother in law, who auditioned these recently, was enamoured with the sweet top end but opted for something different in end, and now thinks perhaps he should have gone with the ProAcs.

Yet another speaker to add to my list for audition when the future upgrade is on.

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My pleasure. Great to visit people for the first time and hear their hifi rig. It seems to give them a buzz when guests clearly enjoy their system!

The Proacs would not of sounded so good if it was not for the top notch front end no doubt.

If you look at the second photo you can see they use carbon main drivers starting with this model. The D38R has the normal paper cones.

I would say that helps in the tightness of the bass I heard. Truly visceral!

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