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JBL Owners & Discussion Thread

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Well as the title states i have purchased JBL speakers

At this stage i am not and audiophile, dont have years of listening to high end systems, and am an average bloke, and i dont have a great system, but its a start, i watch a lot of movies. The wife is a video store manager, and buys movies , faster than i can build shelves for em. I also use the system a lot in 6 channel stereo, for music hence the bigger than usual rears.

As my Sig state i currently have JBL speakers all round, and quite happy with them in general, huge improvement over the 15 year old Sharp shelf system that was plugged into the TV.

The first speakers i got were the mains E80's and the pioneer 815 AVR, WOW, everything is soo much better sounding, i listened to a few speakers at the local home theatre place, and at HArveys and considering how much i spent on them, considering bang for buck i am happy with the sound, only problem i have noticed is when turned up around -30 or more they get rather bright,, not as bright as the Klipsh but!

At this stage i have also attached my old book shelves as sorrounds, and the shelf system speakers as centre rears

i then purchased a EC35 for my centre and the imporvement here was significant , especially when watching movies, this speaker displays nice clear dialog, while still exhibiting the ability to handle sound effects. this speaker will be eventually moved to be the centre rear. when the LC2 arrives in a few weeks..

the latest purchase are a pair of L820' which i am using as rears. These speakers are designed to be used as bookshelf fronts and are a 4 way sealed speaker, designed to be able to hang on the wall.. these are a step up from the JBL northridge , or E series speakers, they were not much cheaper than the E80 floor standing fronts I have. when i first got them home the first thing i thought was damm they are heavy for a relatively thin speaker, 1inch MDF front panels,!much bigger magnets to teh E series, the sound from these speakers is better, but different from the fronts, the bass from the mains is boomier, because they are a ported speaker io guess, the L820' are sealed, and as a result the bass is much tighter. the higher end seams to be undirectional the seating position is now covered in sound when the system is used in 6 channel stereo. the L820's do sound different to the mains but not in a contrasting way, they are a much better sounding speaker ( not as much bass) but a fuller sounding speaker, (makes the room sound bigger than it is) and they are more neutral sounding, even when turned up they are not as bright as the mains. i find that even though they are a different speaker level, they work with the mains and fill in any gaps the mains may have. the complimentry Bass they create in the listening position is noticably increased and as a results tends to fill the room a lot better, no more has one sides got more bass than the other.

Specs can be found on the JBL web site as can images of the speakers.

NExt week i pick up the new centre a LC2 same speaker set up to the L820's , but with two bass speakers rather than one, so it should compliment the rest very nicely., then i have one more speaker to get, a sub, at this stage it looks to be the Energy 12.3, best value i have heard /seen so far...Then i get to start upgrading..... :blink:

So far the JBL speaker are a nice unit that produces (to my ears anyways) nice sounds although the northridge series tend to get bright when pushed, Both series of speakers appear to be well made, with neat looking cabinets, the L series feel and are a lot heavier, more solid in construction, they all look great with or with out the grills on. All the speakers are bi ampable, I find the binding posts on the back a little tight to get my fingers on to to do up tightly.

Thanks for having a read of my ramblings....

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lol. hey hey. 2 things i like about u trofius, youre honest, and u admit u shop @ HN haha.

well, i guess in addition to what you have said, the E80mains are a bit "boomier" in your sense was the fact that they can be. x2 dual woofers going down to 38hz (speced) is what you get. but when u say "stereo", do u listen to them in "pure audio" format ? or does stereo have the sub in play as well?

with my e80's, i quite like them in pure audio - just 2 channel- & their ability to reach the low end is impressive, just like most floorstanders in their price point, but when its played in stereo on my very average amp, the ability to reach the low end is less as the xover comes in2 play as it directs everything below the selected xover to the sub.

i guess the only downside, in my opinion, is that e80's arent clear enough as compared to other brands (b&w and rogers) at high volumes. i find their ability to reach high frequency notes is...abnormal?, and sometimes not high enough.

funni what i hear in my speakers is opposite to what u hear :blink: guess it might be the amps in play.

great review mate, u'll be pro soon. i also understand u are placing your ec35 on your rear...would u like an ec25 instead? and we do a tradeoff + lumpsum? im looking for a used ec35 :D

cheerios mate

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thanks guys

Wilco i am runnning an average Pioneer amp which i think brightens up the speakers a bit, i didnt realise how bright the E80's got until i got the L820's wich really are i think quite neutral, even though they can apparently produce a 40khz (inaudiable note) aslo there bass doesnt seem to over come the higher frequencies, i have them set up so the tweeters are outer most , and as the leaflet states it does give the impression of a bigger sound stage, tried them the otehr way aswell and it was not as nice.

As for the boomy comment on th eE80 , yep i am surprised at the bass they make. For smallish speakers, when pushed watching movies , most noticably to date " the shoot out in the foyuer in the first matrix movie" and the "avalanch scene in triple X" lots of things around the speakers vibrate, but at the same time i have noticed that some music sounds a bit hollow with them.? At this stage i have no sub, so the E80 are set to large, I also think the reciver set the rears to large due to their ability, and using the mcacc auto set up, the pioneer AVR has. This sound set up only applies with the Advanced sourround modes that are built in.. For music play back i have it in 6 channel stereo, the mains and rears get the same signal and strength, same sound, and the centre front and rear still tends to get more of the vocal, might be due to the centre speakers not being able to produce the deeper bass but. This gives a real feel of being sorrounded by non-directional sound, the room is full of it, kind of engulfing you, not just being blared at by two speakers

The EC35 i have had for about 3 weeks so it wont be going anywere, :blink: i wasnt going to go a centre rear, and actually just wanted the E50 as rears but apparently they were not sopposed to be available in this country. And could not get them, at a realistic price. I am heaps glad now, as the L820 make waste to them as far as sound goes, and the 820's are a way smaller and better looking speaker.

the ways things are looking after i get the sub, i will be seriously be considering a new amp probably the new pioneer VSX-2016 and then maybe a pair of L890 mains, but who knows what i will discover by then.

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Hi I am a newbie here.

Tried to locate a JBL's Owner's Thread. But no success. So thought of creating one.

I do own a JBL Pro 4345 Studio Monitor. Have it for about 18 yrs.


My Humble Setup...


Source :MARANTZ CD10 (Modified) (Nordost Brahma P/C and Nordost SPM Reference I/C)

Pre :Densen DM-20 (Nordost Vishnu P/C and Nordost Red Dawn I/C)

Power : Chord SPM 1200c (Nordost Brahma P/C)

Speaker : JBL Pro 4345 (Nordost Frey Bi-Wired S/C)

Power Distributor: LightSpeed (Nordost El Dorado P/C)

Mains : Oyaide R1



Just some feedback from guys who came to listen the 4345s :


" The pair of JBLs  are very clear and crisp. Fantastic soundstage, great depth and very tonally neutral. Its is like you can see through the Music !!! "..



As for myself :

Properly matched, the 4345s will really give you a really very mesmerizing effect. It does have sharply focused imaging of individual instruments and voices, and it is extremely dynamic and have a very realistic sound.


Just to share some pics...








Some new cables for my system....







--- Make It Simple Yet Sound Nice ---




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Hi James,


Welcome to Xtremeplace.  Our block has got many audiophiles.  Datubie is on the same floor as me and he was over at my place this evening listening to my setup.  How does the Frey cable sound in your system?   Must go up to your unit and listen to your system with all the new Nordost cables

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Hi James,


Welcome to Xtremeplace.  Our block has got many audiophiles.  Datubie is on the same floor as me and he was over at my place this evening listening to my setup.  How does the Frey cable sound in your system?   Must go up to your unit and listen to your system with all the new Nordost cables

Hi bro. Thanks . The Frey cables sounded much more well balanced and dynamic compared to my Heimdall. Tonal wise sounded so sweet and crisp. Much more detailed and sound stage is much better.
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Have a couple of ol' JBL's myself


L100T3 and 120Ti both 3-way floor standers with 12" woofers.


Looking to redo the caps in the crossovers, probably do the L100T3's first, both sound great for their age :)

Anybody else to share with yr JBLs ?
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Impressive set of speakers. Anyone has any idea who are the dealers for this and what is the market price for a pair of these venerable speakers (4350). Thanks




29,132.10 SGD





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