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anyone uses the egreat eg-m31b?

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This particular model M31b is using a Sigma 8635 chipset which is identical to those of the 2nd generation of NMT introduced sometime in 2008. Belonging to the same generation of NMTs are Popcorn A-110, Elektron 606, HDX1000, Kaiboer, Istar, etc.


Strongly recommend that you look at 3rd Gen NMTs of Sigma based chipset like HDI Dune 3.0, HDX BD1, Popcorn A-200 or C-200 instead.






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What are the difference btw those?


almost all players can play MKV files, do u need jukeboxes? if so, then u need to buy sigma base, 8642/43 like pch a200, C200, hdx bd1, n dune 3.0 like what sunblock mentioned, so far only sigma base can work with yamj jukeboxes. If u want to watch rmbv files, particularly japan drama, korean, n hk drama, then u go buy the ac ryan 1073/1283 type or xtremer. Sigma base players can play rmvb but cannot forward or rewind unlike the 1073/1283 player. Avoid hdx bd1 for now, cause got quite some bugs. dune 3.0 is abt $500, C200 is $498, a200 is $368, Acryan is $220 or less. All no harddisk included. Acryan n a200 are plastic casing, C200 n dune 3.0 are aluminum/metal casing. C200 is damn big in size, but offers almost all HD audio functions. Dune 3.0 has the same capabilities as the C200 but is like the C200, big in physical size. A200, HDX bd1 n acryan are more portable. Tell us what kind of TV/AVR/network u r going to use n some of us will give u advise. The specs on the boxes say can do this can do that, but ended up cannot for some models which always says will be fix at the next firmware.



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take your time to buy a nmt, there a few models comming out this yr, i m waiting for this new model allure M3 to arrive at sim lim sq 6th floor to try it out, the office is in sg with 30 staffs

http://www.hd.club.tw/thread-37050-1-1.html, so far so good base on the feedback..


by the way, who is good in chinese? on page 3, some 1 posted these 8 questions, cannot figure out all of them.


1.AAC 音軌是否可以 bitstream 輸出給擴大機解碼?


如果不行的話, 那麼 AAC 5.1 的音軌是會轉成 PCM 2.0 還是 PCM 5.1 ?


AAC音軌有支援,如果擴大機有支援 AAC 解碼,則可以 BITSTREAM,若AV AMP無支援aac 解碼,則會轉為 Multi channel 輸出.(此以 Bs HI 檔案測試)




2.1000M Gigalan 是否已經開通?


目前1000m 己開通,但sigma driver 尚未完善,故1000m 網路尚未完整支援,這部份待 sigma driver 完善便可更新韌體支援.



3.是否支援 m2ts 檔案單獨播放並且顯示 PGS 字幕?


M2Ts 檔案可單獨撥放,可外掛字幕,內建 PGS 字幕目前韌體尚未支援,此部份會在近期內支援.



4.ts 和 m2ts 和 mkv 檔案是否都可以 bitstream DTS-HDMA 和 Dolby TrueHD ?




ts 和 m2ts 和 mkv 檔案都可以 bitstream DTS-HDMA 和 Dolby TrueHD .



5.BDMV 用原盤導航模式播放的時候, 可以搭配外掛字幕檔嗎?



BDMV 原盤導航模式即為藍光規範,不支援 外掛字幕,需用單獨撥放 M2TS 方式外掛字幕.




6.用網路播放的時候, 支援 BDMV 播放並且會出現 BD 原盤完整選單嗎?




用網路撥放支援 bd iso,bdmv 完整選單.












8.USB, eSATA 外接硬碟和 NAS, 網路硬碟之間可以互相 copy 檔案嗎?




usb,ESATA 和nas 之間可以互相copy 檔案,並支援 3G NTFS 寫入,度可達 25M/S.



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@tertm141 ..  this is a Taiwanese NMT and is their first attemp to the media entertainment sector. It does looks promising.


Here is my 1st attempt to be a translator too.  ;D


1. Can AAC tracks decode the bitstream output  to the amplifier?

If not, then AAC 5.1 audio track will be converted to PCM 2.0 or PCM 5.1


AAC audio tracks are supported, if the machine has support for AAC decoding, you can BITSTREAM, if the AV Amp no support for AAC decoding, will be converted to Multi-channel output. (This file in order to BS Hi test)


2. 1000Mbps gigabit lan supported?

1000Mbps now supported but Sigma driver has problems for the 1000Mbps network and this part will be solved by sigma driver update thru firmware


3. Whether it supports a separate play m2ts files and show the PGS substitles?

M2Ts files can individually play with plug-in subtitles, built-in PGS subtitles are not support  in current firmware. Will support in the near future.


4. Can TS and M2TS and mkv file bitstream DTS-HDMA and Dolby TrueHD?

TS and M2TS and mkv files can bitstream DTS-HDMA and Dolby TrueHD


5. BDMV navigation mode with the original disc playback time, can be used with external subtitles files?

Navigation mode shall be the original BDMV Blu-ray disc specification, does not support plug-in subtitles, need to use a separate plug-play M2TS means subtitles.


6. When using the network broadcast to support BDMV playback BD and there will be a full menu of the original disc do?

Using the network-play support for bd iso, bdmv a full menu.


7. Can Japanese file name display properly?

Not yet but will have the Japanese font support in the near future


8. Can copy files among USB, eSATA external hard drives and NAS within the same network?

Copying files using usb, ESATA,  files to each other and with NAS support up to 3G NTFS write, transfer speed  of up to 25M / S


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