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FS: Astin Trew AT3500Plus CD Player

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Established in 2003, Astin Trew creates very high quality mid-priced home audio products that convey the emotion and passion of real music as naturally as possible.  The Astin Trew design team are themselves passionate music lovers and music makers, who strive to bring you products that retain the musical 'essence', normally only obtainable through much more expensive audio products.


Top of the range Astin Trew CD player At3500plus wins an Oscar!


The latest review, this time from Italian audiophile magazine Fedeltà del Suono (December 09), awarded our AT3500plus the magazine's 'Oscar'. The full review can be can be found, in italiano, in the reviews section. Some highlights follow.


"The Astin Trew [AT3500plus] worked well in all the systems I tried it in - the sound is balanced, very musical and is the very best you can expect in this price range..."


"Operated without upsampling, our Astin Trew was neutral, with perhaps a hint of warmth in the midrange that confers naturalness, while the bass is deep and authoritative; the high frequencies reveal every detail in a very pleasant way. In short, this player sounds like analogue and allows you to enjoy extended listening..."


"Musical details are numerous and very naturally presented. I would say that the naturalness, effortlessness and musicality are keystones to its sound - it is sure footed, does not strain in the slightest and is very transparent..."


"The fact is, if the AT3500plus was the reader's CD player, even the analogue lovers amongst you may wish for a long life for the (CD) format. The AT3500plus proves that even a CD player for less than 2,000 Euros can offer you pleasant, relaxing, accurate and natural music. I do not think many audiophiles could wish for or want more at this reasonable price."


There are still a lot more reviews you can find here: http://www.astintrew.co.uk/reviews.html


Some pictures taken in our shop:











In our opinion, this is one of the CD player that can bring you so close to the performances in term of the Musical Flow, textures and movement of the voices and instruments and more importantly it is so engaging and relaxing. Furthermore, you will be surprised how the improvement can be with the tube rolling. We are very happy that it is only use 1 unit 6922 tube only as we can spend only little bit more to get the remarkable improvement.


Come listen at our showroom today. Bring any kind of music you like. Be it a audiophile or other normal recording Cds. Let us show you how AT3500plus can do. We can do a non-obligation home demo to show you how it can reproduce the music in your CDs collection.


Best Regards




Sky Audio

19 Lor Kilat


Singapore 598120


Tel: 6762 5890






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