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Looking for spare 37 inch LCD TV

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Must be in full working condition with all accessories (remote, baseplate etc). Both Jap or Korean brand ok.


Ideal for those who wanna upgrade their tv to newer/ bigger screens.


Considering that a new 42 panny plasma is selling for less than 700, only offers less than 300 will be considered.


Please pm me your offers (brand, condition, price etc).

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is your asking price even realistic?? :o


u cannot use plasma 42" as a benchmark for a 37" lcd. plasmas are inherently cheaper than lcds for 42" and above.



Please lah, have a look at the papers and read the prices. I'm looking for a used tv ok, not a new one.

A 37 inch cost 700-900 when new. How much do u think it's worth after 1 yr? 2 yrs? 3 yrs?


And to say that a 42 inch plasma would inherently cost less than a 37 LCD (which has much bigger market share) doesn't make any sense....

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