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FS: Tubes。。。Only 5963 Left ..

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Dear All,


I have the following to part,


4 X 12AT7 by  Sharp . Brand new NOS. $25 each or all for $80. All 4 pcs Rserved by Mr. Sim


2 X 5963  Re-branded Europa 80 Series, USA 1970's origin 12AU7 equivalent. Very nice Sounding. $40 each.


2X 5687WA  Re-branded as Europa 80 series, USA origin, D getter, black plate Great for Audio Note Amplifier $40 each (Sold to Dominic)


email : tzesian.sg@gmail.com or sms (only) 98528400


Thanks and Happy new year !

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4pcs 12AT7 All sold to Mr. Sim  ! Thanks !


2pcs USA origin  5963 (12AU 7) still available !


Hi Tzesian,


Nice to know you from this forum which I just got to know recently.


After browsing through the great works you have done on clock modding of the Marantz 63 for  Choong 8 yrs ago, I am convinced that my set 63SE need this modification also.


Do you still modify marantz, if yes, how can I deliver the set to you


Many thanks


Philip (9766 0670)



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