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where to buy BD online

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Need help! can recommand good web stie for BD,

1. Good PQ n SQ.( US or UK is better )

2. Buy 1 or 10 copies per shipment, it is different in total cost ? can break down the cost.

3. what is the best payment mode.

4. what is the safer, best and shortest delivery to sg.


ty in advance.

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I've written this somewhere before


www.amazon.co.uk - 5-10 days, cheapest shipping

www.amazon.com - 10-14 days, cheapest shipping

www.amazon.fr - 10-14 days, cheapest shipping

www.amazon.ca - 2-3 months, cheapest shipping - 4-5 days DHL express shipping (though once they send my package using DHL eventhough I choose the cheapest shipping)


www.deepdiscount.com - 10-14 days


dvd.jsdvd.com < 1 week

www.yesasia.com < 1 week

www.dddhouse.com < 1 week


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