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LOST - the Final Season

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Someone told me that Lost would be starting on February 20 in Singapore.  Does anyone know about that!


On AXN, I think.  I seem to remember seeing the ads.


OT: Heroes S4 starts on Friday on Star World.

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Are we watching 2 pararells happening?


My thoughts are either

1.) the bomb caused a split and we are now watching two parallels. One in 2004 before the plane crashed and one back in 2007 on island.


2.) They are showing the beginning of the end. Whereby on the plane is taking place as present day and whats happening on the island is what happened prior to that.


I could be completely wrong as well. Just too many possibilities.


Terry o'Quinn's acting is so good, especially as a big bad.


Yeah he's awesome. I totally cracked up when he told Ben "let's not resort to name calling"




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just a recap of the last five seasons:


Lost first told you that it had a monster on the island. It has a crazy hatch. They have people called Others and a Crazy french chick. Monster is a flying patch of Smoke. The Hatch is revealed not to only have a crazy Man living in it for three years, but he has to type in numbers to "Save the world". The Others are revealed to be "normal people". They then show you that six people get off the island and show you "flashforwards"; and to top it all off, there is a wheel six feet under that can literally move the island; LITERALLY MOVE THE ISLAND! And if that wasn't crazy enough for you, the island is moving through TIME.




** major spoiler **


what the numbers mean

Locke 4

Hurley 8

Sawyer 15

Sayid 16

Jack 23

Kwon 42 (either Sun or Jin)




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here are the episodes of the final season and the story of each episode revolves around the name in brackets :-


  • LA X
  • What Kate Does (Kate)
  • The Substitute (Locke)
  • Lighthouse (Jack)
  • Sundown (Sayid)
  • Dr. Linus (Ben)
  • Recon (Sawyer)
  • Ab Aeterno (Richard)
  • The Package (Jin/Sun)
  • Happily Ever After (Desmond)
  • Everybody Loves Hugo (Hurley)
  • The Last Recruit (Illana?)
  • The Candidate (Frank?)
  • S6E15
  • S6E16
  • S6E17/18


there are rumours of a three-hour finale meaning a s6e16-18


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** major spoiler about the black rock and its relation to the lost characters**


The Black Rock is of great significance, and it will play a significant role in the upcoming Richard-Centric episode. Here is my overall theory on the Black Rock.


Every main LOST Characater, will ultimately be tied back to the Black Rock, and the tapestry of LOST will have unfolded from that fateful day (when the Black Rock was pulled ashore by the island). Much of our story has to do with family intertwining, and coincidental connections. Australia tied everyone together in early seasons of the show. Black Rock ties them together even farther back.


The Owner of the ship, we will discover, will be Magnus Hanso, who's body is buried on the island. Magnus Hanso's great-grandson, is Alvar Hanso, CEO of Hanso Foundation, primary backer of the DHARMA initiative.


Alpert was aboard the vessel, released by Jacob, and mysteriously unaged for nearly 300 years.


Widmore, Farraday, Shephard, or their ancestors, all will be revealed as shipmates.


The cargo within the Black Rock is mysterious. We're led to believe it might have been slaves, but I think something different...It was the makings of a weapon. Whatever minerals/ores were contained in the ship, it was attracted to the island from the islands electromagnetic powers, same as Oceanic 815 being pulled in. MIB would have discovered this mineral and ores, of special property, and would have used this 'technology' to become smokey.


Perhaps MIB possessed the body of captain Magnus Hanso, and perhaps through him, Alpert was shackled. This would explain Flockes statement that Richard "sure looked better outside all those chains", and would follow along with MIBS modes operandi of possessing dead leaders.


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Lost did get progressively confusing at times throughout its 6 seasons but while many questions remained unanswered through many of the seasons, some of the stories themselves were just poignant and spoke of the human condition that it didn't really matter. Life's not easy.. there's pain, conflict but through it all, there's stuff that makes us truly human, and allows us to get past the hurdles we encounter.


What I did find for seasons 3-5 was not to watch the episodes one week at a time, but to collect all the episodes and watch it in as few sittings as possible.. every other episode always ended on some sort of mini cliffhangers which can be frustrating. But having the episode on cue on the remote makes it that much easier to endure :)


But season 6 was just amazingly woven.. what started off as a "flash sideways" or what appeared to be an alternate reality finally became answered.


For those of you still confused by the ending... I think what Christian Shepard told Jack summed it best: there is no now, there is no here.


Spoilers follow...


The segues between the two "realities" at the end and the pace at which they switched might have confused some viewers but if we rearranged the timeline... it's like this:


Jack died and Hurley took over as the guardian of the island. What happens next when Hurley becomes the next "Jacob" is untold, but like Jacob, eventually his time would come to an end...


Kate, Sawyer, Miles, etc who escaped on the plane left and lived their own lives..


But as Christian said.. everybody has to die sometime, and I guess once you die, time is irrelevant.


I always thought the Christian (the religion, not Jack's father) concept of death/resurrection was hard to fathom. What happens until you get caught up again in rapture.. but time, as science is discovering is not really a constant, and our concept of time may need some rethinking. In Lost's interpretation, which I found quite beautiful, it's as if no time had passed. A thousand years in one day, the Bible says.


And so for Jack, in the "Flash Sideways"/purgatory, eventually, he met up again with all the people who meant the most to him in his lifetime and the memories come rushing back... and they enter heaven/nirvana together.


The final scene, a homage to the first scene in the pilot episode was just, well, heavy, and I had to fight off a tear.


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Dammit!!! stop milking me!


That said, Lost gave me one of the most satisfying and beautiful finale for a television series. It's hard to think of another series that can better this show. I truly recommend it to anyone who has not watched it or gave up halfway due to the complexity and long waits between seasons.



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Watched the finale a few nights ago and needed sometime to wrap my head around it.  I don't professed to know every detail throughout the 6 seasons but through all these seasons I fell in love with the storytelling and the 20+ characters... I can't name one character that is weak and anyone that is stronger than the rest.  At times, I just feel the writers don't really know what they are moving towards, throwing in time-travel, alternate universe, physics etc but after I saw the finale, they definitely know the ending from 6 seasons ago.  Love how the scene where Jack wakes up bookends the entire 6 seasons.


That said, the writers took many huge plot liberties - like Widmore's goons shooting missiles on the island and only the Others get killed Haha.  I love how the characters voiced my thoughts - Hugo after listening to some major mumbo jumbo said "That's worse than Yoda"... What a hoot!!  And Ben asking 'Locke" if he can become a smoke monster, why not change into it to go straight to Hydra Island... What another hoot!!  But you know what, I love the characters so much that I could easily forgive such huge liberties.


Wonderful series... I just love stuff that can mindf+%k my brains instead of all the cookie-cutter TV series out there.  First The Wire ended then The Shield... Sh*t what's on TV now that is worth watching?  Sigh... so long LOST.

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