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Advise connecting pc to my hybrid tube amp.

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Hi , jux got myself a mistral dt-307a hybrid tube amp with ma rs1. the amp had 3 input , one for ipod. one for my marantz cd5003 player le. i wish i could connect the last input to my laptop in the best "sound" way.


at first i use the most straight forward way, use a y connecter with a 3.5mm stereo jack to connect the lefr n right input. i find ut abit funny.


In the market, is there any good external sound card for laptop that allow me to connect the amp in a purest way ?


thx fot the help.



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ya something like that i guess ;D

A external good soundcard that could override my default bulit in sound card and have rca L and R output.(tat wat i mean purest way).

But beside creative , and better brand ?

btw i can actually buy a DAC eg. nuforce icon to do the job ?


thx n cheers


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