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Preamp Shootout

Guest francis woo

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Guest francis woo

Somebody suggested this and I am throwing it out to all who are interested.  Shootout date will be 10th April at 299, Bedok South Ave 3#04-11 Bedok Court from 2 pm onwards.  

Tentatively, here are the participants -


1. SteinigerGE - Sims P-7

2. gaga - aikido??

3. Munster68 - Cs17

4. francis - allnic L-1500/gg

5. quest - plinius m8

6. shsoh - first sound/ayre k1xe

7. Txv611 - Quad 34

8. btw - ccs6t4

9. gabage - 5687/6n6p wot preamp













Balanced as well as RCA


Will be listening to the W4S sti500 with my current set up sometime in the evening this coming week

day and if possible, will use it for the shootout..... :D




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Guest francis woo

Well Francis, it would be a good opportunity to roll the stock mullard e810f with the post d3a see what the more cultured ears think  ;) the pre is a tad microphonic ...


Did you hear any difference in the sound after switching to d3a!!.... ::)

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Guest francis woo

Are you guys serious? Custom/DIY stuff versus off the shelf? True exotica versus plain vanilla? Bring it on! This should be fun.


Bro, most important is what you are hearing!!  Are your amps with balanced input!!

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Guest francis woo

like to observe too, unless I can find a pre to bring also...assuming I am able to make the date n time


George Clooney's nespresso espresso waiting for  you............ ;D

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