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I need your advice on SS Pre vs Tube Pre driving a SET power

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Thx for Sharing your experience & your time  :D


I've listened extensively to CS-300 Integrated Amplifier at a friend's place driving SHL5.

Not after long, I'm left lusting for tubes.


I own a meridian 508.24 redbook player.

Currently, doing intensive homework to rebuilt my setup.


Pretty damn sure I will settle for the DeVore Nine.


Am contemplating using Wyred 4 sound STP-SE Pre-amp to drive a S.E.T power amp.

PX25 is something im seriously consider.


Im a newb on tube, much less using SS pre + SET power.


All experience music lovers out there.

Pls kindly render me your advice on the differences btw


1) SS Pre

2) Tube Pre  driving a SET power









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