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  Item only two months old, only opened for testing, was in the bundle deal with my purchase of Osims' product, item is selling in the market at $700/-, I am letting go at $350 as I think this equipment is too much of the in-house work out for me, If  you are the sporty type, this is the one for you.


      call 98270343 to discuss.




                 Osim is a health product manufacturer. The uSurf Wave-Action Exerciser targets those who love to hit the waves, offering an emulated surfboard experience that supposedly develops your sense of balance while working out your legs and core muscles via its rocking action.


                          Working out on the uSurf while using these hand-ropes for support will strengthen and tone your arms and shoulders. At the same time, the hand-ropes also serve to help you maintain your balance on the uSurf during high-speed workout.


                3 intensity modes


        OSIM uSurf comes with 3 intensity modes to make your workout more exciting and challenging


Low intensity mode allows your lower body to adapt to the surfing motion


Medium intensity mode ideal for building strength and endurance


HIgh intensity mode simulates surfing in choppy waters ti heko you improve your balance and coordination.


Extra Automatic programme that integrates all 3 intensities to give you a good workout.

Control at your Fingertips


The OSIM uSurf's infrared remote control makes it easy to select your desired intensity mode with the touch of a button. It gives you the convenience of enjoying the different surfing exercise even while you are on the uSurf, maximising your surfing workout.




The OSIM uSurf's built-in auto-timer sets the optimal duration of 15 minutes for each surfing exervcise to ensure that ou get the most from your workout.
















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