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Help with connecting TV to Denon AVR-2310

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I just buy a Denon AVR-2310 and manages to set up success with connecting the PS3, $tarhub HD Box and DVD player via the HDMI connections.  However i have meet a problem when i try to connect this:


I watch TV using the free over the air channels and therefore connect the coaxial cable from the wall to the TV. I want to hear the sound to come from the AVR audio via its connected speakers... However i do not know where in the AVR i can plug in the audio RCA cable that comes out from the TV's audio out connection.


Can someone help me

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1) Connect the HDMI out from your SH HD STB to the AVR. This will give your the options to output your HD STB to the AVR.


2) Connect the component(Red/Green/Blue) with audio(Red/White) direct to your TV.


This is how I connect mine. If you do not turn on your AVR, you can still watch TV using the TV speakers.

Or you can switch them over, HDMI to TV and component with audio to AVR.

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