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"G" Or "N" Wireless Adaptor To Match 2 Wire Wireless Modem ?

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I believe they only have wireless G standard.


But you can always disabled the wireless on the 2wire and use your own access point. I am using an Airport Extreme for dual band wireless N capability. Works great in a less congested 5GHz space for my MBPs.




Pardon me what is access point?tks

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Most broadband wireless routers are actually 3 or more multipurpose devices in one:


the first section is the router itself. This connects to a broadband modem, taking the IP assigned to the modem by the ISP and sharing/routing it to a private network. It usually also includes firewall and dhcp server functions.


The second section is a network switch which allows wired connections.


The last section is the wireless access point.


You can choose to disable the wireless feature on the 2wire and use the wireless access point of your own choosing.


On the Airport (which is also another wireless broadband router), I disabled the router section, retaining only its wireless access point and gbit switch

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