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Denon 103R /Denon AU300 step up trans

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Hi all,


For sale is the combination of a Denon 103R and Denon AU300.


The 103R has been used for perhaps about 100 hours, the stylus tip still looks good, cantilever is straight. Body has little marks on it save for the marks from the actual mounting itself (but even then it is very slight).


The transformer looks and works like new.


I using it on my Technics 1210 and don't find it a good match, and i perfer the MM sound to boot, so i'm letting it go to someone who can match it to a better table, or better still, send it to sound smith for a ruby retip!


Looking at f $400 for both cart and step up.


Interested parties can SMS me @ 94504056 to deal.



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