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ATI Hybrid CrossFireX - How To Do It ?

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There is a difference between Hybrid X-Fire n' X-Fire... (or called Hybrid CF n' CF)


Hybrid X-Fire only works with 780G IGP with low range HD3450 only... AMD/ATI no longer support this feature for their newer IGP anymore...


X-Fire is a bridging setup enhanced performance for higher end discrete 3D cards... Much like those SLI term use for nVidia... (Dual or more cards in use).


Edit : nVidia also have their Hybrid-SLI for their mGPU GF9300/9400 with GF8400 low range cards... but these are long forsaken gimmicks. Negligible performance enhancement u can call it... Gamers wld only do with either CF or SLI respectively...

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