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FS: Standesign Design 4 Hifi Rack (price drastically reduced!)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi All...wah drop price only suddenly got so many offers... :P


The rack is currently reserved for braveheart since he PMed me earliest of all. I will however, consider offers higher than $150.  ;)


Some answers to people who PMed me.


1. It's DUSTY not RUSTY (glass how can be rusty?).  The rack itself is coated steel, paintwork still pristine.

2. Fitting into boot will probably be a problem, maybe rear seat.  Depends on your car model.  I wouldn't advise transporting this in say, a Mazda RX8.  But a Honda Odyssey... ???  'Normal-size car', Toyota Corolla? Probably ok.

3. Viewing/pickup location in Bishan.

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