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WTS: HH Scott Stereo master integrated amp

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Another of the for sale vintage amps i am selling off. :'(


Again, I feel very sad to sell this, but i would rather have someone enjoy it.


The amp was recently serviced by someone in Adelphi for cap replacements and TLC spent close to SGD 400 to have this repaired.


The amp looks like a HH Scott 299B  not so sure how to check the model...  It looks like this but comes with a wooden case/cover.  


http://home.earthlink.net/~aeholsten/scott_299b/ (not the actual amp.. just looks like this)


Very heavy amp with oversized transformers.   My loss your gain.


Please sms only at 9632 3226.  I may not respond to your sms quickly.... thanks for your patience.




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