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WTS: Heathkit Stereo Model AA-32 016 series 1551 hi fi amplifier

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Down sizing selling many items including this vintage Heathkit Stereo Amplifier for only SGD 600(revised after looking at prices from other sites.


I am sorry I am not a techie guy so no technical questions please.   The amp is in excellent condition and is in good quality.  I paired this with a Loth X Full range speaker.


The amp comes with the original cover.  I think this is still the original cover as the amp has shown some peeling off paint.  Tubes are all marked amperex made in germany 4 tubes are 6gw8 and 3 tubes are 6eu7.


The markings in front are still very clear and is a good specimen.


I have never had this repaired, but I suspect some of the caps have been replaced, but i can't be certain as I have never opened it.


For viewing you can SMS me at 96323226.  I may not respond immediately, so I appreciate your patience.


Take this home with you and give it a new home



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;D its not the internal wiring... the link is to show how the amp looks.  should have said the link is not  the actual picture of the amp.


i have never seen the inside as i never opened.  maybe it looks the same.. ::)  the amp is a kit amp and depending on who put it together years ago, it may look like this. 


I guess this is for vintage amp lovers who know their thing.



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