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WTS : Red Cliff Blu Ray Discs Part 1 & 2


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Have a few original brand new sets of Red Cliff sealed

( Part 1 & 2 ) in two separate blu ray boxes.. all sold

All Red cliff is reserved and i wanted to apologise to some bros that i arranged to deal but due to not enough and was cancelled

There's four more sets coming in but priority will goes to buyer who bought other of my blu ray discs as well.  


Interested please pm me your contacts.

Collection in central or west area


More titles and all are brand new sealed.


Updated: all reserved for the moment for the bros who bought from me


Corteo - cirque du soleil sold




Black Hawk Down sold


Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete


Tears Of The Sun


Terminator 3




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Irresponsible seller!!! Agreed to deal on 11th Jan and last mintue said he send a sms to tell he cannot sell anymore which the sms never arrive in the first! Gave some dumb excuse he qouted wrong price when it is listed here as "ALL RESERVED"! Confirmed that dealing time with feedback and commitment from him!


Kept saying his disc is cheap which justify his actions whereby he can fly kite and do whatever he wants and who he wants to sell since it's cheap.


Total waste of time and had to make arrangements to get my friend to collect for me when he has something on!!!!


Stay away from this seller!


Name: Luke

Contact: 97337654


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Bros i stood up and managed to fulfil confirmation,


bro bobmarley ( collected )

bro shigetmatsu24 ( collect on wed )

bro bfgta73 ( collected )

bro sylrone54 ( collect on fri )

bro joetoo (collected )



A million thanks to you all that did not react like bro insomic do, if not i definitely will have phobia of red cliff whenever i see it.

And last but not the least, ONLY for the bros who bought from me, i m letting go the unsold titles for $15 each.

please contact me if you guys are keen and i still have all of your numbers, other mobile numbers will not be entertained.


Thanks alot for your support!



Sidetrack to balance myself out coming across such ppl


Insomic 81611967 His name should be kent to be confirmed

Very abusively spoken forumer who made up tales when you made a mistake, forumers please deal with caution.


what he made up saying my br disc too cheap to sell



Just look at his history



he kinda have fetish in this ' post ppl number ' kinda thing


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