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Hello Brothers,


I am looking for in 2 HDMI and 1 HDMI out switch and does not need

remote control , hopefully does not need to plug in for power up.

the smaller the better,


or maybe something like splitter.


Please recommend.




:) :) :)

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Not sure what's your application are.


But a switch without a power is not going to work for all current power hungry devices.

A very good example, a USB hub. You can use a hub without any power hook up but only certain devices would work on that hub without power.

Your printer won't work on that hub, your Iphone won't work on that hub too.


Sames goes to the HDMI switch, you can get a splitter from Monoprice but it won't work without power though.

Although the switch needs a power, getting a 4 ports at S$62 or a 2 ports manual @S$50+ from Sim Lim is the only options.


There are plenty of options for you to choose, it's what you want.  ::)

Is it practical ? Is current technology able to meet what you want and are you willing to pay ?


Here's the splitter.

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Also Monoprice have cheap options but not local...the soundtech one I used was minly for use as moded, the belkin and others may need power, but maybe you can advise the purpose for this 2:1 need?



Thanks for your reply and suggestion.

You are good



:D :D :D

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Hello wN13KD,


thanks for the reply.

the splitter looks good.


Can you confirm is 2 in and 1 out ?

hope te hdmi cable is not fix on the splitter , can you advise ?

Is yes ?

splitter got stock now ?

how much selling ?




:D ;) :D

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a splitter is 1 in and 2 out ie it splits 1 input to 2 outputs like a Y cable, a switch selects one or the other input to one output.


make sure you explain what you are trying to do then people can determine what you need and advise you correctly


Hello Brother,

you are right .  Sorry for the confusion brothers.

i think i need a HDMI switch not splitter.

very sorry.


I need to feed 2 HDMI to PJ.

one in from BD player and one in from media player.



Belkin one would be fine if can find locally.


;) ;) ;)

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Ok so do we assume you are not interested in using HDMI for audio then...at least for now i.e no AVR with HDMI? If so then you do just need a switch and just about anything will do 2 in to 1, 3 or 4 in even is OK.


Seem to recall some in the accessories sales forum - not sure maybe sold already

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