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FS: Monitor Audio Top End 9i floorstander speakers

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Selling a superb condition, like new, Monitor Audio floorstander 9i. It is the highest model for silver series. Superb in soundstage and clarity. In beautiful natural cherry verneer. bought locally at$2300. Selling only $780. Selling to upgrade.


The midrange sound of the 9i is neutral and exceedingly clean. There is a level of purity and transparency that is almost uncanny. The speakers don’t seem to "bump up" anything for a perceived increase in presence, nor do they "recess" anywhere to make them sound polite. From the bass to the pristine highs they are even and balanced. Male voice is never bloated or chesty. Sibilance, which usually shows up on female vocals, is non-existent. Instruments like the sax show outstanding texture, but are never harsh or raspy. The speaker can show extreme detail, but at the same time does not exhibit any type of excessive high-frequency bite or tizziness. It’s possible that people who enjoy a very warm or voluminous sound, perhaps accompanied by an extreme richness in the midrange, may find the 9i a little lean. But I find its balance spot-on and exceedingly neutral.


Highly recommended in Stereophile and home theater magazine.







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