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WTS Power Cap & Active Subwoofer for Car

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Happy New Year to all,

Letting go the below

Item 1 @ $200 & item 2 @ $180

You are most welcome to reach me @ 98528355


1.Soundstream Power Cap

Soundstream's newest technologies that will breath life into your power hungry sound system is called EC2 hybrid power capacitors.

Combined Electrolytic and Carbon based capacitors together to give your system all of the power that it will need. The electrolytic capacitors provide sustained power for stronger and tighter bass while the carbon-based capacitors supply instant current for a quicker and more pronounced sound.

Get every thing you can out of your sound system with EC2 power capacitors.


1.0 Farad Storage Capacity

New Amperage Meter

24VDC Surge Rated

PCB with Blue LED Display

16 Status LED's

Metal Mounting Bracket

Extruded Aluminum Housing

Chrome Die-cast end Caps

2.Steelmate Active Subwoofer SW826

Main Features:  •  Max output power: 160W  •  R.M.S.: 80W  •  Phase switch: 0° / 180°  •  8" woofer  •  RCA and speaker level input  •  Super slim, great for under car seat (thickness 6.9cm)  •  Thermal protection  •  Overload protection  •  Short circuit protection

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