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Burson Clock+Opamps Package Promotion! For CDP/SACDP/DAC. (scroll to end).

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Dear valued customers,


I brought in the Burson clock products mainly for entry level to mid level digital sources users.  


Please see below link for more details:




After numerous Upgrades done to entry level to mid level CD Player, SACD Player, DVD Player and some DACs, the response from Customers who installed these are very good!!  


Also clock Upgrades remains the most effective and the Greenest Way to Upgrade your players.  This is because you can recycle your clock installed in your existing player and reuse it for your new player when you upgrade the next time!!  This is a true 1 time investment cost for upgrading your gears over the long run.  


Here are some examples.  


Marantz SA8003


Cambridge Audio 640V1


Philips CD950




Some Customer's reviews on the burson clocks are as below:


Hi James,


Here is my brief feedback after 1 week of the modification of Cambridge Audio Azur

640C V1.


Prior to the modification, I have quite a few negative comments on the stock player:-


1) Although it is a relatively smooth player, I find that the player is relatively

weak in terms of PRAT. It is difficult to get the feet tapping.

2) There is a tendency for the mid high to high frequency to be hard sounding at

higher listening levels.

3) Soundstage is rather compressed. It is pretty hard to get the spaces for the

individual instruments and vocals.

4) Dynamics are prettly limited too. Overall a forgiving and very smooth sounding

player and at times too boring to listen to.


After the modification with the burson clock and changes to the critical

capacitors/opamp, the following are the improvements:-


1) Generally all aspects of the audio spectrum is improved. My first comment was wow!

2) The smoothness of the player has not changed but PRAT has improved quite a bit

and now on certain pieces of music, the feet taps uncontrollably. I would say it is

close to analog but not there yet.(What would you expect from a budget player?)

3) The hardness to the mid high to high frequency has almost disappear, however on

certain recordings, probably those not so good ones, it still happens at the highest

dynamic point. I suspect it could be my humble electronics/ speakers that may be

causing the problem. Time to upgrade?

4) Soundstage has open up quite a fair bit, there are plenty of spaces between the

instruments now and you could here each of the spaces within the instruments and how

much reverb is being used on the instruments/ vocals. The width, depth and height of

the soundstage has also improved. The vocalist now stands taller and the instruments

are spread wider and deeper in the soundstage.

5) The dynamics has also improved quite a fair bit, when playing a very well

recorded piano piece at high volumes, you could very well hear the big contrast

between the softest and loudest passage. The soundstage didn’t collapse even at the

highest passage.

6) The transparency of the sound has also improved by quite a fair bit, you could

hear more of the inner details in the highs, mids and even the mid lows(my bookshelf

speakers doesn’t go low). Now you can hear more clearly the plucking of the double

bass, the clearing of the saliva on the lips of the singer and also the decay of the

instruments and vocals.

7) The overall musicality of the player has also improved. From a boring player, it

now becomes a player that has the ability to draw you into music and forget about

the hardware.

8) Overall it is well worth the cost even though it is more than half the player

cost. I would not say it could beat stock player worth a few thousand dollars but

changing from a pretty boring player to a player that has musicality, transparency

and dynamics. I think James had done a good job.


Jon, on his Cambridge Audio 640CV1 CD Player After Modifications.



I will cut the story short and let you guys know exactly what i'd heard from the addition of a Burson clock in my MSB nelson link 3 DAC:

Vocals - better texture, more life-like than before....... image size of vocals is rounder and deeper.....

Soundstage - able to discern more layers..... Deeper and more 3-dimensional..... Placement of instruments clearer ......has a nice bloom and air around each instrument

Treble - more extended high frequencies..... Able to hear more but never close to being bright and harsh.....

Timing - much better pace ....everything is tighter, louder and has a better rhythm ..... Comparison is like watching the march past of guard-of-honor contingent vs. a normal group......

Bass - more bounce more impact more slam.....

General - more details......... much more organized and less messy.....


Mr Ong’s Feedback on the MSB Link Upgraded with the Burson Clock


Had a super efficient and wonderful service and professional advice provided by James. Wanted to improve my CD playback to match up with my SA playback, as this player is not considered as 'high-end' SACDP so the CD playback wasn't as good.... Took the full upgrade recommended by James. My CDP was done in less than 2days though he stated 2 days initially. Upon collection, I got some great advice from him as well.


My first impression once I start spinning my disc on it, it is clear but a bit harsh and too bright for my liking, however I decided to burn in it for the next 10-20hrs... My CDP evolved and the brightness mellowed down; the harshness had somehow turned into clarity, forwarding, sweeter and wider soundstage. Although it wasn't as warm as it previously was, I love it, it seems like taking off a veil from the music and I don't feel any fatigue during the session. Similarly, the bass had improved tremendously, it became tighter and quicker. My John Mayer unplugged- Slow Dancing in a Burning Room & Eric Clapton unplugged - Tears in Heaven & Layla never sound so good to me before, first time I felt the difference of Redbook and SACD can be quite similar, like WOAH!  Ever since it had been modded, I fell asleep to it, bad thing; my tube amp may explode anytime .


Once Vitamin M is replenished, I'll go back for EXTREME mod... Was actually quite skeptical on such mods, but I just gave it a shot, no regrets! Having spent around 700+ for the CDP and 400+ for the mods, had somehow brought my CDP to another tier, as closely equivalent to those 2k over SACDP, worth every penny! James not some particular salesman, he is a hobbyist, he mod things to bring the best out of every audio device, not just for profit. Had a great after-sales service for recommending me on my next upgrade (not modding/products by him, but some advice on other products). Reassured yourself with great service from James!


Karl, on his modded Marantz SA8003






tel : 9694 9704

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New upgraded players with burson clock and reviews:




Customer on Upgraded Cambridge 640V2:

Hi James, I heard the upgraded Cambridge 640V2 briefly last night.  Generally here is more depth and board in the music.  There are more details and separation too.  I am happy with the upgrades!  Thanks a lot!!




Febuary Promotion:

Burson Clock Usual SGD$200. 


Now $180 inclusive of Installation!!  Also Free installation of burson opamps together with Burson Clock!


More information on Burson Opamps :





Other Player Upgrades Information Available Here:

Marantz Players : http://www.xtremeplace.com/yabbse/index.php?topic=87601.msg620224#msg620224

Cambridge Audio Players / DAC  : http://www.xtremeplace.com/yabbse/index.php?topic=77592.msg566565#msg566565

DAC :  http://www.xtremeplace.com/yabbse/index.php?topic=75151.msg554958#msg554958

High End Players : http://www.xtremeplace.com/yabbse/index.php?topic=71931.msg538260#msg538260

Others : http://www.effectiveaudiomod.com/upgrades_mods_main.shtml

Other Customer Reviews and Testimonials:







tel : 9694 9704

email  : sales@effectiveaudiomod.com



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