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Denon 2310 master volume when connected with Mio

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hi everyone,


One question for those using Mio TV setup box with Denon 2310.


connection map.


MIO TV -- HDMI ---Denon 2310 --- HDMI---tv


Dynamic vol on denon is OFF

Denon was calibrated using Audyssey

Using Boston CS2310 speakers


I find it funny as I need to turn up the volume to ard -20db to -10db (50 to 70 percent) to get a good volume. Meaning able to catch every conversation....also all the boomz :P


Well - I know lots depend upon the sound source - some DVD I can get the same impact with -30db of master volume. its the range is just wider a bit....


Any one facing the same issue? or its just normal? Or my speaker need a burn in period? actually not an issue as everythings work fine but just surprise need to turn up till so high to get a comfortable sound. Or maybe I'm going deaf....haha...but my last hearing check shows I'm fine :)

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