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BEWARE THIS SELLER gta iv 9482 3407


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NOTE: Not sure if this is proper protocol on this forum but moderators kindly action/lock/delete this thread as necessary.  My apologies if I've breached any forum rules/guidelines.


I've been lucky the past year in my numerous sale/purchase dealings on this forum however my very recent dealings with gta iv, has left me posting this thread as a warning to others.


After agreeing to buy his used BD via sms/phone calls, gta iv has stood me up on two occasions.  At the meetup, he is not contactable via his hp when he doesn't show. After the first no-show, I decided to give gta iv the benefit of the doubt when he said he had misplaced his hp that day (when i called him from another phone).


What irks me after the second no-show, is he has the cheek to answer my call (again only when I called from another phone) and tell me that I now have the wrong number...


Other buyers beware of gta iv with hp number 9482 3407


His post is here:




gta iv...don't post and agree to sell BDs to other people and then waste their time.  Not sure what your problem is...


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Just deal with him a while ago in amk mrt. Lucky for me he's there. I take mummy3


Me to bro just deal with him yesterday evening at amk jubile.. taken title Near Dark....but i see him like he is so scare n nervous ... but the deal was done...lucky ;D

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