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Sonic Studio Amarra - Finally REVIEWED!!

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Sonic Studio began in the mid 1980s as Sonic Solutions, which designed computer workstations for motion-picture and recording studios, major record labels, and high-end mastering facilities. They claim that more than half of the CDs commercially released have been mastered on a Sonic Solutions workstation, and in those nearly three decades, Reichbach has repeatedly been asked "Why does your workstation sound better than brand X’s?"


After many years of asking questions of his engineers, Reichbach finally learned that it’s all in the math. His explanation sounds simple but is far from it: Not all algorithms used to process audio signals are equal. Some add more noise than others, and it’s the careful attention they pay to these algorithms that makes Amarra sound better than iTunes. The workstations based on Sonic Solutions’ algorithms back in the ’80s laid the foundation of the Amarra software available today.


Looks like it still hasn't gotten around to supporting ALAC so might have to hold off for a while.


Would love to hear how it sounds with my new Beatles USB 24 bit FLAC too.



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Finally pulled the trigger on the mini and bought it from Raindrop. There is a promo on now for the mini ~25% discount. Since I don't have any 24/192 or 176, the full version is not useful to me.


I have to say that Amarra does 'smooth' out the music quite a bit, to the point where there seems to be a trade off in detail - IMO. However mid treble is exceptionally good and for the price of a semi-low end cable, I think its worth a try/investment since SQ is continually improved through software revisions. Current version is 3189, heard that the next beta 3195 is even better.


As always, YMMV!


The demo version I downloaded was exactly what you had described it to be!


But i do wonder if the Amarra just tweaks the sound (e.g. like an those pre set equalizer settings) and doesn't correct or improve it?  ???

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