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PM me if interested in any of the titles. Thanks.


Single DVD ($5 each)


301 302

Ozzy Osbourne - Live & Loud

To Catch A Virgin Ghost (R3)

Slipknot - Disaster Pieces

Last Witness (R3)

Exorcist II - The Heretic (R1)

The Sixth Sense (R4)

Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds (R1)

Devil's Advocate (R4)

Jeepers Creepers (R1)

Scary Movie 2 (R1)

American Beauty (R4 PAL)

The War Of The Worlds (org) (R4 PAL)

Mimic (R1)


Final Destination (R1)

Lost Souls (R1)

Ghosts of Mars (R2 PAL)

Days Of Thunder (R1)

End of Days (R4 PAL)

The Big Lebowski (R2 PAL)

Conan The Barbarian (R4 PAL)

Mulholland Drive (R1)

LA Confidential (R4)

Cape Fear (R1)

The Thing (CE) (R1)


Single DVD ($8 each)


Donnie Brasco (R2)

Keeping The Faith (R4)

Clockwork Orange (R4)

The Deer Hunter (R4 PAL)

Carrie (SE) (R4 PAL)

From Hell (R1)

Squirm (R1)


Multi-DVD set


Buffy Season 1 (R4 PAL) ($9 - 3 discs)

Buffy Season 2 ($18 - 6 discs)

Angel Season 1 (R4 PAL) ($18 - 6 discs)

The Lord Of The Rings - Fellowship Of The Ring ($10)

My Boss The Gangster (kor) ($9 - 2 discs)


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