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Onkyo TX-SR507 - LATE NIGHT MODE auto turn-on when playing DOLBY TRUEHD Discs

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Hi guys,


I encountered a weird issue on my Onkyo TX-SR507.


When i play any Bluray disc with DOLBY TRUEHD, the LATE NIGHT MODE is always set to 'Auto', and i need to manually turn it off everything (See your receiver remote, press 'Audio', then press down few times till you see LATE NIGHT MODE, its always "Auto" for DOLBY TRUEHD, then you need to manually set 'OFF').


i went to see the Manual, and its states whenever the receiver is turned on from standyby mode, when playing disc with DOLBY TRUEHD, the LATE NIGHT MODE is set to "AUTO".


This is stupid man, cos i always need to set to "OFF" everytime i play DOLBY TRUEHD.  is there a way to set it always "OFF". Anyone here who owns ONKYO receiver can help?

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