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Onkyo TX-SR607

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Noob here need advice.


I just got my new home entertainment installed, but have no idea abt the modes when playing CDs, DVDs, Blurays.


My setup:

HECO Victa 700 (front)

HECO Victa 100 (centre)

HECO Sub 25A (subwoofer)

Morel SP1 (surround)

Onkyo TX-SR607 (receiver)

Sony bdp-s360 (bluray player)

Samsung B6000 LED (TV)


I am not sure what modes to choose when playing different discs, any advice?  Should I go for "DVD direct or Multi-Channel"

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thanks, printed the listening mode pages and kept it in my TV console ;D


now going into speaker settings but blur once again about the speaker configuration.



1) cross over freq for speakers:


seems like I will need to set the cross over freq for each of the front, centre and surround speaks.


from the speaker manual, stated crossover freq as "500Hz" for HECO front and centre speakers, meaning I should set "200Hz" the max allowed on the receiver? [available choices: Full Band, 40Hz to 100Hz (default), 120Hz, 150Hz, 200Hz]???


2) LPF of LFE 80Hz, 90Hz, 100Hz (default), 120Hz


I am leaving this to 100Hz default, should change????



3) Double Bass


I am leaving this as ON, not sure if this is correct???


On: Double Bass function on. Bass from the front left and right channels is also

fed to the subwoofer (default).

Off: Double Bass function off.

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