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new speaker for home theater

Guest 28V10A

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better to post than pm :)

Have you read the sticky above and the thread "systems"?


Use the search button and look for "audition" for tips on what to bring - eg your fav cds etc.


1500 is a good budget for a pair of speakers. I assume you meant stereo pair - 1.5k for a surround system is much less and will only get you the basic set.

You did not say what kind of Yamaha amp you have.

Since you have an amp, just Audition what you have shortlisted with the amp. Bring it along, Edward at MA will let you try it - just be nice.


KEC, Anson, Alpha Audio, Seng Heng etc all carry their own brands.


You need to decide what kind of music and sound you want. No one can just throw a brand recommendation at you. Both Quad and MA are good brands, but do they go with your amp and your sonic tastes, you gotta figure out... if Quad suits you, you should go with it.


Both can be easily driven with your amp.


recommendation pls? budget < $1500, driven by Yamaha amp 110W for 6Ohms.


KEC? anymore?




Monitor Audio




Mordaunt Short


acoustic energy




shortlisted Quad21L2 as I had the Quad22L


shortlisted Monitor audio


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