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HTPC setup recommendation

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Hi All


I have been thinking of building a HTPC.. but then I decided to look at some of the readymade offerings from HP.


Is the HP Pavilion Elite HPE-088d a good choice for decent HTPC (80%) and gaming system (20%). HP Pavillion Elite HPE-088d


the specs highlights are


CPU - Intel® Core™ i7 Processor I7-860, Quad Core with Enhanced Intel Speedstep® Technology, Hyper-Threading Technology, Intel® EM64T, Intel® Virtualization Technology, 8 MB L2 Cache, 2130 MHz DMI

Chipset - Intel Series 5 Chipset (I wonder if it is P55 chipset)

Memory - 6GB DDR3 (4 DIMM slots)

Graphics card - ATI Radeon HD 4850 graphics card (2 x DVI ports, HDMI and VGA via Adapters) 1024MB dedicated graphics memory

TV Tuner -  PAL TV tuner, over-the-air DMB-TH digital television receiver with Personal Video Recorder Functionality with Hp Media remote controller

Audio - Integrated High Definition Audio - 7.1 Surround Sound Ready

Operating System - Windows 7 Home Premium


Is it worth going for this system and avoid the hassle of assembling it all by myself. I was thinking of getting this system and then upgrade the PSU to a silent PSU.


Is ATI 4850 good card for audio/viedo for HTPC use.


Appreciate your feedback and recommendation




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I have a netbook with the similar specs as the aspire, and I also used another laptop HP DV2xxxx.. the HP laptop with dual core cpu was a better option than the atom setup.


As I mentioned, I probably will use the PC as media center - recording TV, ripping and playing music. and some occassional gaming..that was the reason I was looking at a more powerful PC with plenty of RAM and a good graphics card.. I plan to use a silverstone casing in case I decide to assemble everything..


Another advantage of using a powerful PC was that it can double up for some photoshopping work.


the question is to build or to buy.. I am sure that if I do get that HP machine, I would need some work to get it cooled and make it less noisy.

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I have a netbook with the similar specs as the aspire,


the aspire has a ion chipset. makes all the difference in decoding hd videos.


if you want dual purpose, then shrug.


but for pure htpc video playback, the 9000m chipset is more than enough. couple it with flash 10.1, even hulu/1080p youtube is no sweat.


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my htpc setup for the pass 1yr.


Asus M4A78G + AMD 9950 + KVR 800mhz 2gb x 2 $430

silverstone LC16M (must get for HTPC!!) $359

vantec 500watt psu (very silent) $69

ninja mini heatsink $65

changed all fan to gelid silent series $50+-/


on board graphic card is more than enough to handle 1080p, if you want gaming then add in a cooler ati hd5000 series graphic card

add in HDD,ODD you are good to go..


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Thx for refering bro ralfale... but I believe TS wld need something of a higher power 3D capable rig than an SFF system... I'm exporting rare SFF stuffs n' exotic mobos, but am not selling anything in X'P by principle... I can give some relevant advice n' share HTPC discussion here... TS can refer to my thread in HWZ for more details on SFF HD/3D setups with lowest possible power consumption n' size... However, I'd only advise TS not to go in the route of DIY if he's only looking for less hassels in maintainence n' tinkering


It's a very long thread that u can find my bench tests n' setups... There are inputs from other enthusiasts, unlike a sales thread. It's more with infos there. Hope it helps TS to understand better with relevant infos to what he needs...




Merry X'mas n' HNY to all X'P bros n' sis'!

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Has anyone seriously looked at the new i3 5xx chips? They are dual core with hyperthreading (4 virtual cores), running close to 3ghz. All P55/1156 chipset so DDR3 RAM compatible. Plus they come with an on-board graphics card capable of decoding Blu-Ray movies.


Should be a dream buy for an HTPC user! Out in the market on 8th Jan, and $250 less than the i7 860. Of course, this GPU is useless for gaming, but if the aim (like me) is no games (where I was happy with an HD 4350 earlier), this is the perfect solution.

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